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A New Place To Drink, Errr, Taste


It took a little while, but the city of Lafayette is finally on the wagon, meaning we all have a new place to grab a free drink before heading out for the night. Last month, city officials formerly approved in-store wine, beer and liquor sampling for customers. Basically, this is a law that most every other nearby city had already enacted—including Boulder, Louisville, Superior and Denver.

So when you head on out for the evening, swing by your favorite Lafayette liquor store for a free serving.

We get that that’s not the intent. These in-store tastings are good for educating consumers on different flavors or brands of whatever drink the liquor store feels like pushing. It really is nice to sample an expensive bottle of vino before forking over a large bill. Kudos to the city for realizing the merits, whether you feel like taking advantage of the tastings for the right reason or just want some free booze.

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