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French’s 5


This month: Five Great Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

1. Water Dragons
Whoever said pets aren’t good gifts has never seen mom’s expression when she finds a scaly new Chinese Water Dragon. $40 at PetsMart.

2. Longhorn Planters
Mom’s a big steer fan? This longhorn planter is a steal at $125 from Longmont’s Cowboy Classics.

3. Razor Wheels
Mom’s ’94 Chrysler Town and Country is gonna look sweet with chrome-plated American Racing Muscle Razor wheels. SUH-WEET. $230. Check Big-O Tires in Broomfield.

4. Digital Keychains
Pick up a digital photo keychain for Mom and fill it full of pictures of you. Clear the porn off your hard drive before you load it up. $29.99 at Best Buy in Longmont.

5. Scrapbooking Heaven
“Crop Around the Clock” for Mom—three days full of scrapbooking insanity, all for $55 at Cut It Out Scrapbooking in Louisville.

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