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French’s Five


It’s summer, and that means festival season is in full swing.

1. Telluride Bluegrass
The Telluride Bluegrass Festival gets all the press, but the town’s Jazz fest rocks. June 6-8.

2. Cherry Creek Arts
Sure, most of it’s too expensive for you, but it’s still worth a stroll. July 4-6, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival is open to all.

3. Hawgfest
Classic rock in all its hairy glory, thy name is the 103.5 The Fox’s annual diversion: Hawgfest. The Masters, Warrant, Cinderella and The Nuge, all destroying Winter Park. Aug 16-17.

4. Folks Fest
Want something a little more peaceful? Check out the Folks Fest in Lyons. Aug. 15-17.

5. City Park Fest
Looking for a family friendly A&E festival in an urban setting? The City Park Festival of the Arts on July 20 fits the bill. Arts, crafts, clowns, food and live music.

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