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Rough and Tumble Mall


It’s an understatement to say the Twin Peaks Mall on the southwestern edge of Longmont is in need of a little love. Vacant storefronts and empty parking lots are not a good thing and do little to help the city’s lagging retail base. Help is on the way if the city decides to be a part of it. Panattoni Development Co. recently purchased the site and wants to make it trendy again. That will be a boon to the local economy, but Panattoni is looking for some help (perhaps tax relief) from Longmont before moving forward. We have faith that relatively new council will step up and do what’s necessary to ensure the mall returns to destination status. The area has been deemed blighted for a reason, and it’s up to local politicians to help direct its recovery.

What’s Next: The council recently voted overwhelmingly to explore a partnership with Panattoni—let’s start dreaming of sidewalk cafés.

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