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Erie Could Have Had Fresh Produce


Correction: While we still believe Erie is in need of a frequent event such as a Farmers’ Market in Old Town, officials were never contacted by any organization offering to bring one here as we reported below. We reported this story based on one source and never verified it with anyone from the Town of Erie.

It’s sad when a town that needs more people to visit its Old Town misses out on a prime opportunity to lure more folks to the business district. Recently, a local group asked the owner of Old Town Coffee if they could use the café’s front for a regular farmers’ market. This is the type of event that brings a few hundred people on a warm day. The coffee shop was game; Erie didn’t offer incentives. Lafayette ponied cash and space at 95th and Arapahoe. Guess where the farmers’ market ended up? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.

What’s Next: Lafayette businesses smile while Old Town Erie businesses ask for another town fair.

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    Erie HAS Farmer’s Market.
    It’s been open here since May 2009!
    It’s growing and doing well!
    Produce, honey, chair massage, plants,
    and different local A.C.E. Arts Coalition of Erie artists sharing a booth there every Saturday Morning-8:00-1:00
    at the SE corner of Moffat and Briggs.

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