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Gorbot Jr. to the Rescue


Global warming deniers beware, because young Alex Budd is ready to debate you anytime. What’s more, the 15-year-old Fairview High School student has been blessed by Al Gore himself and taught in the ways of conservation, recycling and Greenism. Budd is believed to be the youngest person to undergo Gore’s training and emerge as an environmental crusader. Budd is one of about 1,000 folks trained in Nashville, Tenn., to spread the word about global warming. Armed only with a slide show and grit, Budd helped push the message behind Gore’s Academy Award-winning film, An Inconvenient Truth, to Boulder area schools. Budd says he was the youngest member of his training class, a session attended by Earth lover and All-American babe, Cameron Diaz. Budd has given more than 25 presentations since his return from Tennessee. He’s stood up to hecklers and turned doubters into believers.

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