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This Weekend’s Pick: Finding a Way Into a Sold Out Concert


The days of Bono touring rampantly stateside, belting out the classic “Sunday Bloody Sunday” made infamous at Red Rocks have long passed. We’re lucky to see U2 pass through town once every few years now. But you still want to hear “With or Without You” live, don’t you?

That’s why we are lucky to have one of the nation’s best U2 cover bands locally. Under the Blood Red Sky will stop in on Nissi’s in Lafayette for a look back at the heyday of the band.

While the stage and lighting design will be a replica of U2’s War tour from 1982-83, one minute detail will be missing from the show: Bono and his band will not be on stage.

That’s OK. Under the Blood Red Sky is known for its authentic performances. Using similar stage props, choreography, wardrobes and instruments, it’ll be like seeing the Irish legends for real—minus the groupies, but including the real life act of having to track down overpriced tickets since the Nissi’s show is already sold out.

Under the Blood Red Sky, 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nissi’s, Lafayette.

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