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Check Out the Orchard Town Center


When strolling through Town Square, you’ll think you’re feeling deja vu. In reality, you’ll swear you are in Denver’s popular Northfield Stapleton district. Built by the same folks, the Orchard has the benefit of being a whole lot closer.

1. Colorado Bear Factory

Kids of all ages can pick a teddy bear shell, stuff it, then pick out the proper accessories (outfits, sleeping bags, etc.). Then try pulling the toy away from Junior. Having such ownership in the bear’s creation could mean it’s years before he puts it down. 14663 Orchard Parkway, 303.250.8481

2. Cuppy’s Coffee

To become a community, a shopping center needs more than a town square. A central coffee shop, for example. With a patio on the square, great coffee and frozen drinks, and comfy seating, Cuppy’s fits the bill. 14644 Orchard Parkway, 303.280.8099

3. Rudy’s Dogs

This hot dog cart is actually run by a guy named Glenn. Rudy was his grandfather. What’s really important is that Glenn is from Long Island and knows a good hot dog. Order one, bury it in fixins, and watch your kids play in the nearby water fountain. Town Square, Tuesdays-Sundays

4. Mexico Cantina Y Cocina

Sleek designs, upscale Mexican food, prime location on the plaza: What else does one need? This cantina’s sun soaked patio and a marg. The original, located in Seattle, is Zagat-rated. Let’s hope the sequel garners the same accolades. 14697 Delaware St., 720.977.7200

5. Torrid

Everyone in the audience who wears size two raise your hands. Thought so. There are many women out there in the 12-26 range—yet there are few options when it comes to trendy, fashionable clothing. That’s where Torrid’s fashionable styles come in. 14644 Orchard Parkway, 303.920.2251

6. Origins

Most of us want to be environmental. As does Origins, which will make your face glow in the process. All of its facial products are green. Try them for free Aug. 23-Sept. 3. Sit in on a two-minute consult, and walk away with four samplers. 14644 Orchard Town Center, 303.452.9119

Also: Attend the Bean Soup Social benefit on Sept. 13 (303.450.8600), pamper your pooch at Barkin Boutique & Bakery kiosk (303.920.8000), cool off with a micro brew at Rock Bottom Brewery (303.255.1625), shop nearly 30 clothing stores, and wait for much more to open soon, including Lifetime Fitness (open this winter, 303.429,8000) and REI.

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    I have been to the Orchard Town Center quite a few times and have enjoyed it everytime. The play area for kids, I think, is the best I have run across in a very long time. The theater is very comfortable. After all the walking around, it is nice that you don’t have to look very hard for a place to sit and relax for a few. There are so many varieties of stores and restaurants to choose from. The only qualm I have is the parking. If you don’t want to pay at a meter, you have to park in the very back. Which makes quite a walk back to the car when you are done with shopping. By then you need to sit and rest before you walk back to the car. But, other than that, the Center is a great place to go to shop, eat, and/or watch movies.

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