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French’s 5


This month: The top 5 TV shows I’m most excited about this fall.

1. Entourage (HBO)
Medellin might be a flop, and Johnny Drama might be in love. Regardless, we all wish the episodes were longer than 23 minutes. Sept. 7. (Sundays)

2. The Office (NBC)

Toby’s gone, and the new HR manager might be the perfect match for Michael. Who would have thought such a thing existed? Sept. 25. (Thursdays)

3. Heroes/Villains (NBC)
This season will focus on some of the best baddies ever crafted for television. Sept. 22. (Mondays)

4. 30 Rock (NBC)
Jack’s working for Homeland Security, and Liz Lemmon’s on her own. Not to mention that Tracy Morgan himself makes the whole show worth DVR-ing (okay, this one’s a bit late in the fall season. Still, stoked). Oct. 30 (Thursdays)

5. Terminator/The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX)
Cameron’s car blew up and Sarkissian’s not really dead. Sept. 8 (Mondays)

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