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November Letters to the Editor


Missing the Joke
I just received a copy of the Yellow Scene, and I am outraged by the cover (“Scary Good Costumes,” October). We have a candidate for the office of vice president inciting crowds to chant kill him and you have the nerve to publish a cover like this. It is so wrong.
—Diana Williams via email

Sense of humor, please. —ed

You Inspired My Costume
Your costume suggestions are priceless. Thank you for answering my dilemma as I am now going as a Palin, hockey mom (“Scary Good Costume Ideas,” October).
—Mele Telitz via email

We encourage those who dresses as any of our ideas to email photos; we’ll print them —ed

Can’t Find a Use for Your Mag—Even in This Economy
Thank you for sending Yellow Scene to our home, free of charge for the past few months. With all that is going on in the world, I was having a difficult time picking up toilet paper at the store. However, I recently acquired some top quality Charmin and will no longer need the services of your magazine. After repeated political rants, I can no longer give YS the benefit of the doubt. I have no use for this liberal garbage. It isn’t worth free. That’s right, shake your head and tell yourself I’m just some conservative nutcase. Hypocrisy at its finest.
—Brian Morrow, Lafayette

Last month we were called too conservative, this month, too liberal. Not sure we’ll ever win this battle. —ed

Short Memory
I must take exception to certain aspects of your review of the El Paso Cantina (“Adding Spice to Briggs,” September).  I have no doubt that this restaurant is very nice, and I wish them every success.  But in your article you say that the El Paso Cantina “has filled an ethnic niche that was sorely lacking before its arrival this summer.”  How could you, an Erie-based magazine, have forgotten that the Mexican restaurant Paraiso Azteca (known to the locals simply as “Mina’s”) occupied that very building for years up until a few months ago?  Even worse, on the table of contents page the tag line for this article is “another Briggs Street restaurant transformed from mediocrity.”  If that is an oblique reference to Mina’s then I must point out that Mina’s was not too mediocre to receive rave reviews in the Boulder Weekly as well as frequently placing highly in your own reader’s choice polls (as I recall). Mina’s is gone now, and I look forward to trying the food at El Paso Cantina.  But while it’s appropriate to concentrate on what exists here and now, one should not forget what has gone before.  I know that my family, and many of Mina’s past patrons, will remember that restaurant fondly.
—Michael Beda, Erie

We ate at Mina’s often and stand by our claims. It was often closed and the food quality varied from decent to just plain bad. —ed

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