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November Letters to the Editor


Ghost Stories Not Welcome In Our Home
Dear Editor,
When The Yellow Scene arrived in our mailbox today, I initially flipped to “Bloodbath in the Burbs” (October) expecting the usual “slightly irreverent” article with some interesting, entertaining historical notes. The first few entries met that expectation quite well. Then I glanced at the headings on the second page and saw Angevine Middle School listed, as well as Niwot and Fairview High. Not only were the schools’ supposed hauntings written up, but their grisly murders were as well. As the parent of an 8 year old who goes to Angevine for some classes, I was horrified. Not by the murder—since I didn’t know about it I assume it happened quite a while ago and is irrelevant now—but by the fact that people masquerading as journalists would be so incredibly irresponsible as to include schools in this article.
There are two serious consequences to your decision:
1. The majority of students attending these schools today do not know about those murders. Hearing about them is going to scare a lot of kids.
2. There are people that will decide it would be a lark to go around and visit all the places on your list.
Where before The Yellow Scene was a welcome item in our mailbox, it no
longer is.
—Tamara McCarty

Editor’s Note: Most of these ghost tales (lore as far as we can tell) are widely known throughout the area and can be found easily on the Internet—we’re guessing these children hear worse around the campfire.

The Unheralded Editor’s Comment
Dear Editor,
I commend you for standing by your opposition to a bill opposing President Bush’s Iraqi war (Letters, October). Although I am against the war in Iraq, this was time wasted. Bush has proved time and time again that he does what he wants no matter who opposes it, no matter what the actual intelligence suggests. Time would have been better spent working on pushing for statewide universal health care. Having recently lived in the U.K., I know first hand how much better off everyone (doctors included) would be if the U.S. would adopt a National Health Care System. It’s time for the U.S. to join every other industrialized nation and offer health care to every single citizen (and to those holding visas). Colorado could and should be the pioneer in the future of health care in our country.
—Anne Spear, Lafayette

Dear Editor,
The Yellow Scene’s statement (Letters, October) about the state legislature trying to pass a “meaningless resolution” opposing the Iraq war was the most misinformed comment I’ve ever read in The Yellow Scene. Every federal dollar spent on a fruitless war is a federal grant dollar not available to states, cities, counties and school districts. Just ask local officials, school superintendents and transit managers whose local match for federal funding has become 80 percent when it used to be 20. (I still heart The Yellow Scene, though!)
—Joanne Greek

Editor’s Note: We’ll have to agree to disagree. And we heart you too for continuing to read us.

Clarification: Without trying, we scared a few people into thinking the North Metro area is home to dozens of grizzly murders at schools, city buildings, etc. (“Bloodbath in the ’Burbs, October). While we are not saying these didn’t happen, in many cases it was tough to verify the root of the real-life haunts, and we should have made it clear that these are likely ghost lore.

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