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Driven to Drink


Anything that’s on its fifth iteration (except movie sequels) should be showing marked improvement over past versions. Mike Laur’s stellar fifth edition of the Beer Drinker’s Guide to Colorado—which includes some $150 in free or buy-one-get-one-free coupons—goes there in spades.

Laur’s love of maps is immediately evident in the beautifully rendered image of the state and the extensive information it contains.

The guide is completely updated, listing (as of the printing) all 142 breweries and brewpubs in Colorado. And while the glove compartment version takes up backside real estate with an illustrated guide to the brewing process and beer styles in pictures, the real compliment to the map is online.

At the website beerdrinkersguidetocolorado.com, the interactive map puts all sorts of information—as well as brewery websites—just a click away. Even better is the Scenic Drives link under “Beer and Nature,” where more than two dozen routes are featured, including a map, mileage and, most importantly, breweries along the way.

But don’t think putting brewpubs and taprooms on the map is an encouragement to drink and drive.

“Be careful and pace yourself,” Laur said. “If you’re going to be hitting several brewpubs, be sure to eat some food, or better yet, bring along a designated driver.”

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