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Nine Hot Reads


Photo by Sugar Mill Productions


Jonathan Franzen

So, you were so overwhelmed with the hubbub around Jonathan Franzen’s literary return that you actually avoided reading the book. Summer is the perfect time to finally crack this lengthy tome about a dysfunctional Midwestern family—Franzen’s topic of choice—facing a host of modern American predicaments. And while the characters become sad and morally compromised, Franzen still offers a bit of sunshine in the form of hope and humor.

Game of Thrones

George R. R. Martin

Winter is coming…but only for the dwarf, the bastard and the dragon princess—pawns in The Game of Thrones. No, this isn’t a dragon-filled frolic in a fairytale forest; it’s the new HBO series that has every geek forum—and Facebook oversharer—fighting about favorite characters. Through every voice in the kingdom, George R.R. Martin transforms summer swelter into A Song of Ice and Fire.

The Heroine’s Bookshelf

Erin Blakemore

We relish picking up a Charlotte Brontë novel or curling up with a romantic Jane Austen tale. But it’s not only the striking heroines who make these books such treasures; it’s also the real-life women who gave them life. Local author Blakemore gives full disclosure on classic female authors, their characters and timeless lessons. And trust us, this is no textbook.

The Astral Imperative Vol. 1: The Dream (Trilogy)

by Robert Dresner

From bestselling Boulder author Robert Dresner comes a sci-fi trilogy set in the tumultuous year of 2037. To bring knowledge to a broken world, the Starship Aelita prepares for the Earth’s first-ever mission to Mars. With threats of sabotage and new technology, follow Capt. Adam Sietzer and his crew as they struggle to complete their voyage into the unknown.

The Happiness Project

Gretchen Rubin

Looking for a little happiness this summer and can’t decide where to start? Look no further than The Happiness Project, a meditation on what worked and what didn’t in Rubin’s year of soul-searching positive thinking. Join her in her quest to improve her relationships, find life in life and not let the good stuff pass her by.


Tina Fey

She may have made her mark on Saturday Night Live and now stars as Liz Lemon on the hit show 30 Rock, but Tina Fey never pretends to take herself seriously. Unwind to the tune of humorous tales of Fey’s past and her unglamorous life as a mom, all told with that cheerful, tongue-in-cheek style that has made Fey a comedic legend.

My Sisters Made of Light

Jacqueline St. Joan (finalist for the 2011 Colorado Book Award in Literary Fiction)

In this fictional tale of real-life oppression, local author St. Joan delves into honor crimes committed in Pakistan. Ujala, a Pakistani woman, travels her country to rescue women facing death for crimes as insignificant as disobeying a father or wearing jeans. In a touching story of resilience, this story captures the heart of a family fighting for change.

One Day

David Nicholls

College graduation is a terrible time to fall in love. Or is it? One Day tracks the lives of Emma and Dex, two friends whose relationship evolves over the span of 20 years. From new jobs to other changes, watch as two people dance around fate in this insightful book about love and growing up.


Emma Donoghue

We always hear what adults have to say. But it’s not often the voice of a child is given a chance to tell the story. Meet Jack, a five-year-old child who knows no other boundaries beyond that of a room with his Ma. From his eyes, the story of a mother-son bond unravels along with the mystery surrounding their lives.

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