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FroYo? Fo’Sho’


Like pizza shops and pork, frozen yogurt is having a serious resurgence in Boulder County. The self-serve spots (where you pour your own froyo and have full access to all of the toppings you need, paying by the weight as opposed to the size) are popping up faster than Starbuck’s in the late 1990s. Here, we explore nine local frozen yogurt havens. But never fear, there are lots more, including a new Menchie’s in Lafayette and Smart Cow in Westminster.

Must Taste Info Froyo Extras Ambience
Smooch Frozen Yogurt & Mochi 1926 14th St., Boulder
Four froyo options, including acaiberry. Lots of fresh fruit toppings as well as mochi ice cream and other snacks (including a froyo waffle). Pink and zen.
Boulder Chill 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder Lot’s of options: sugar-free, low-carb and low-calorie frozen yogurt. Fat-free and sugar-free toppings are also available. Your server will layer your toppings with the froyo. Casual and bright.
Ripple Pure Frozen 1682 30th St., Boulder (website) Both creamy and tangy, flavors range from coconut to cheesecake. Cereals, fresh fruit and candies. Sun-lit and cool. This place can get crowded.
Two Spoons 1021 Pearl St., Boulder (website) Very unique and created with culture that’s made in-house. This cute little shop has a menu with soups, gelato, paninis and ice cream. Intimate and classy.
Red Mango Frozen Yogurt 14644 Orchard Pkwy Westminster (website) A solid variety of options, from plain to hazelnut to pomegranate. They offer smoothies and other menu items. Also, boba balls! Warm and


Golden Spoon 12161 Sheridan Blvd., B Broomfield (website) It’s almost all non-fat. Flavors change, but you can find chocolate malt or cake batter. Classic toppings, including candy and nuts. Plain and simple with a patio space.
Spooners 1805 29th St. Suite 1138, Boulder (website) A good selection—with two-flavors-in-one froyo creations like fluffernutter and dreamsicle. Hot fudge, mochi, whipped cream and lots more. Modern andbright with couches.
Aspen Leaf 637 S. Broadway Ste A, Boulder (website) More than a dozen creamy, dreamy flavors. Gourmet candy picks from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Cheery with lots of tables and


Mailberry 1433 Pearl St., Boulder (website) Greek-style frozen yogurt: semi tart with a hint of sweetness despite its healthfulness. Additional menu items include acai bowls and smoothies. Lively and fun.

Editor’s Note: When dealing with self-serve, don’t just dive in. Create a game plan: Find a flavor profile and stick with it. Also, the self-serve sizes are huge! There’s no need to fill the whole cup.


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