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GQ: Boulder Looks Better Naked


According to GQ magazine, Boulder residents are fit, outdoorsy and horribly dressed.

Boulder was listed 40th in GQ’s recent “worst dressed US cities” list, which also named Kansas City, Austin, Las Vegas and New Orleans as offenders. According to the fashion authority, it’s because of the local affinity for activewear and fanny packs. We think it’s likely that, although Boulderites know what’s trendy, they’d rather put their energy into something else: namely climbing peaks, cycling, yoga and running.

Colorado is one of the healthiest states and has the lowest rate of obesity (the only state less than 20 percent, actually), and Boulder is one of the healthiest cities in the state. So, Boulder’s style may not be right off of the runway, but those tiny hipster jeans just aren’t practical when we’re training for the next Iron Man.

As GQ says, Boulder is “a worstdressed city that looks best naked.” Not too shabby.

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