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Can’t Get Enough Of…


Colorado Aussie Rescue
Although CAR’s Australian shepherds live in foster homes or in the group’s limited kennel space for now, the group is fundraising to set up permanent kennel space to increase its capacity for rescue. Long-haired, loyal and a little protective, these medium-sized dogs are great with kids, energetic and eager to please. Look to keep these guys mentally and physically exercised daily.

Colorado Beagle Rescue
As a non-profit with no facility, CBR keeps its beagles at homes, foster homes, shelters and kennels until they’re adopted. Beagles are small, short-coated scent hounds that require motivational training (treats, no tricks) and a fenced yard to prevent roaming. Because they’re intelligent, they require substantial time and positive attention to prevent mischief and barking.

Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado
Because DRC’s fostering resources are so limited, the bulk of the group’s dogs come are last-chance rescues from kill shelters. Dogs from individuals generally are not accepted. These high-energy dogs beg to be running buddies. Without socialization and regular stimulation, these large dogs can be too much for small children. A strong leader can teach dalmatian manners with other dogs.

Front Range German Shepherd Rescue
[email protected]
Pure-bred German shepherd dogs rescued through FRGSR live in foster homes or boarding facilities until they’re matched with the right family. GSDs need strong pack leaders, good socialization and mental exercise regularly. Protective and loyal, these large, long-haired dogs need physical activity and near-constant human contact to remain socially comfortable and avoid stress-induced behavior such as fear-biting.

Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies
Surrendered and rescued goldens are kept in foster homes until GRRR finds them well-inspected forever homes. Most GRRR goldens are a year old or older. Goldens are medium-sized, long-haired dogs that respond well to obedience training. They require strong, decisive leadership and mentally stimulating physical exercise every day.

HO-BO Care Boxer Rescue
HO-BO rescues surrendered, abused, neglected and abandoned boxers, fostering them until homes that meet strict requirements become available. Count on a six-foot fence and waiting until children are 5 to 10 years old. Daily pack walks with extensive physical stimulation, plus regular training sessions are a must with these high-energy, medium-sized dogs.

Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue
This five-state, and expanding, great Dane rescue works to have every Dane live in a pre-approved foster home prior to adoption, but the Danes sometimes live in daycare facilities for a stint. Because these dogs are giant, they require an owner who sets rules about jumping and being rowdy. They’re gentle and easy going with children, but can be prone to hip dysplasia, so shouldn’t be handled roughly.

Rocky Mountain Greyhound Adoption
One of few breed-specific rescue groups with a kennel, this Brighton-based rescue focuses on former racing greyhounds. These dogs generally range from 2 to 5 years old, and tend to show gratitude for being in a loving home and off of the racetrack. They’re short-haired, large, but light and are known for their loyal, affectionate personalities and trainability.

Rocky Mountain Labrador
Retriever Rescue
With only a network of foster homes, RMLRR works to rescue labs and lab mixes from high-kill shelters. Because labradors are one of the most popular, and most commonly bred, dogs in the United States, “lab mix” can mean any number of characteristics shine through. In general, however, labs are sweet, trainable, athletic (especially when young) and

Rocky Mountain Siamese Cat Rescue
Working entirely from foster homes, RMSCR has saved roughly 480 Siamese and Siamese-mix cats. These highly trainable, people-oriented cats are vocal and demanding of attention if left alone too often. They’re generally good with children, other cats and dogs, when treated and introduced properly. Siamese cats are characterized by bright, blue eyes, dark points and a light-colored body.

…That Funky Stuff

Cavy Care Inc.
Cavy Care, Inc. offers adoption, surrender, sanctuary, boarding and education for guinea pigs, also known as cavies. It’s entirely funded by adoption fees and donations, and all-volunteer staffed. With more than 7,000 adoptions completed, CCI has guinea pig care and adoption down pat and reminds potential owners guinea pigs need a companion, live seven or eight years and don’t belong in aquariums or wire cages.

Colorado House Rabbit Society
Denver/Boulder chapter
Rabbits are adorable, curious and pint-sized, but remember they explore with their mouths, eat hay that can cause allergic reactions and love to be petted but not necessarily held. They’re best suited to be indoor pets in homes without small children. Find a good vet, a litter box and remember they’re social, so snag a pair of well-matched Peter Cottontails or plan for hours of floppy-eared exploration together.

Colorado Reptile Humane Society
The cooler-looking the reptile, the more time, money and space it’ll cost. Be prepared to pay hundreds of dollars more than the cost of the reptile for care and containment. Be sure you’re willing to keep a container of bugs, fresh veggies and/or mouscicles in the fridge, and remember, reptiles need regular vet care, but reptile vets can be few and far between. Adopt, don’t buy captive-bred
wild animals.

Crestone Farm
Crestone Farm’s Old McDonald Barnyard Animal Rescue helps neglected, abused, homeless and unwanted horses, donkeys, pigs, goats, llamas, cows, chickens, ducks and rabbits. Right now, the group is raising money to put half-priced prosthetic legs on formerly frostbitten Bucky the goat for $760 with donated labor. Adorable? We think so.

Pig-A-Sus Homestead
Forget Thumper the rabbit, Thumper the pot-bellied pig has a way better legacy—inspiring the rescue of 65 little piggies. It costs about $450 to take care of one of these babies for a year, especially because abuse by overfeeding is so common. Because they’re as smart as dogs, and make awesome pets, they get puppy milled, too, so check your city’s zoning laws and rescue one instead.

Longhopes Donkey Shelter
It all started in with Rocky, a 42-year-old donkey that found a new home on a 20-acre farm in Bennett, that now has 450 adoptions under its belt. Contrary to popular belief, donkeys aren’t stubborn, they’re just careful, with strong self-preservational instincts, and they bond strongly with trust-worthy buddies. Find your Rocky for a pet that’ll love you like a dog and let you load it up or ride it just about anywhere.

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