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The Bolder Life: School of Rock


It’s Friday! Friday is everyone’s favorite weekday day of the week—and why shouldn’t it be? You all worked hard this week. You bravely suffered through the first work-week back from your hangover of a holiday vacation. You’ve officially fully digested all of the holiday food, booze and regret that comes along with this time of the year. I’m proud of you. You deserve a weekend filled with snow, relaxation and rock.

Yep. I said rock—and I don’t know too many bands that rock harder than the bands making music at The School of Rock in Boulder.

This “afterschool” school offers music lessons for kids from second grade through high school, and it’s not just music lessons that are being offered here. The School of Rock is a great, safe place to send your kids as part of an extra-curricular, afterschool program where they can learn different instruments and meet new friends with similar interests and the same Green Day poster hanging up on their bedroom wall. Instructors at this rockin’ school teach their students how to play everything from the guitar, to the keyboard, to the drums along with getting their vocals in top shape, learning the art of the headbang and how to rile up their adoring fans, (a.k.a. – their adoring parents).

There really isn’t anything cooler than being in a band in your teenage years—except being in a band in your teenage years and playing live gigs at local bars and clubs.  Now that’s cool. But playing huge venues that have played host to some of your favorite bands and idols in the past is kind of the ultimate awesome if you’re a teenager playing live gigs with your awesome band.

So, that being said, you know the kids performing in The Boulder School of Rock Drum Wars at the Fox Theater this Saturday are going to bring it. Imagine watching a ten-year-old rock a drum solo harder than Tommy Lee and Travis Barker combined. Now that’s the ultimate awesome!

Support local youth programs and make these kids feel like Rock Stars by buying a ticket and checking out the show at 12:30 pm on Saturday afternoon.

And if one live show on Saturday isn’t enough for you, then stick around for local musician, Pete Kartsounes and his band at 9 o’clock. Finish off your evening with a trip to nearby restaurant, Café Aion for some tapas and libations and try to make it home at a decent hour. You’ll want to hit road early if you’re going to catch some of the fresh powder expected to fall this weekend.

Rock on, BoCo, Rock on.

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