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The Bolder Life: I Love Boulder in the Spring


Today—is beautiful. The sun is shining. The slight breeze is a welcome change from the terrible winds ripping through the area lately. Local restaurants and bars have their patios open and people all around the Boulder County area counting down the seconds until they can shut down their computers and soak up some happy hour sun.

I love spring. Spring means festival season is just around the corner and event calendars everywhere are brimming with awesome activities.

This week, Downtown Boulder’s calendar is packed with some great events that I had a tough time picking out my top 4—but like a true professional, I pulled through.

Here’s my list of events that you should definitely check out this week! Take a trip to downtown Boulder, park for free in the parking garages on Saturday and Sunday, save time for a cocktail or two, and have a wonderful, fun-filled week in Boulder!

Denver Restaurant Week
Participating Restaurants |Now through March 9th
Restaurant Week… is almost over. And this is definitely an event that you shouldn’t miss. Some of Denver and Boulder County’s most popular restaurant are offering up 3 to 4-course menus for $26.40 per person. That’s an insane price for some of the specialty courses prepared by top local chefs. I have reservations at SALT tonight and I can’t wait get down on some Orange Buttermilk Panna Cotta. Come on, you know that sounds good! Check here for a list of participating restaurants and do no miss this special deal!

Beyond 127 Hours: An Evening with Aron Ralston
The Boulder Theater | Thursday, March 8th
You saw 127 Hours. Your heart probably broke a little bit every time you saw poor James Franco screaming in agony. But what you probably didn’t know, is the main character of this award-winning film actually lives in Boulder. Aron Ralston is a Boulderite, an avid hiker and climber and a conservation activities for the wild lands of Utah and Colorado. Hear Aron’s story live and for free this Thursday at the Boulder Theater. The event is free but the extensive and adventurous stories that Aron has are priceless.

Food as Art bARTer Collective: Foodlore
BMoCA | March 8 & 9
Let’s be real, you consider yourself a foodie, and living in a shining culinary hub like Boulder County, I would consider you a foodie too. Which is why you should check out this unique event at Boulder’s beloved BMoCA. Send in a recipe with a special or personal story attached to it. Stories will be included in special food-centric performances done over two days at the museum. Check out installations, performances and events all centered around food and since there isn’t a charge for these events, you’ll still have money in your pocket to take your friends out for dinner to show off your exceptional foodie knowledge.

Boulder’s Best Mixologist Contest
BMoCA | Sunday, March 11
I’m sure you’ve heard some buzz about this special event going on in downtown Boulder. The art of cocktails is quickly becoming just as revered as the art of food, with several of Boulder’s most familiar bartenders competing in contest all over the state and the nation to show off their unique mixology skills. This mixology contest will bring the cream of the crop in mixologists into one room and for the price of $45.00 per person, you’ll have the opportunity to sample their special cocktails as they compete against each other for the coveted title of Boulder’s Best Mixologist. Vote on your favorite cocktail and see who takes this crown in this battle of the bartenders.

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