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The Bolder Life: The Sweet Life


Pecan pies, brownies, pumpkin pies, red and green cakes with sprinkles, and those tasty little sugar cookies—all cutesied up like Frosty the Snow Man or Jolly Old Saint Nick. Delicious. I’ve never been one to obsess about sweets, but I can guarantee that when I’m filling up my Christmas-themed plate with juicy turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and sweet potatoes, topped with mounds of giant marshmallows—the imminent dessert course is always in the back of my mind.

Now baking during the holidays is hard. Baking in general is fairly difficult for me, so I’ve heeded the pleas from, well, pretty much anyone who has tried my baking recently, and I’ve started leaving the holiday baking in the capable hands of my favorite bakeries. Yep, the cat’s out of the bag folks, I’m a crummy baker—you can’t be good at everything. Lately, my go-to bakery that delivers a great product with the authenticity of a home-cooked treat is Sugar Bean Bakery. Sugar Bean is an up-and-coming bakery in the Denver Metro area and they’re serving up just about everything from create-your-own-flavor-combination cupcakes, to specialty cakes, to a slew of cookie, brownie and bar options. Sugar Bean is even whipping up breakfast treats like muffins, scones, coffee cakes and some delightfully gooey cinnamon rolls—all perfect items to have on hand for seasonal guests that will soon be filling your house. The New Year will bring a storefront location in Thorton for Peggy Seubert and Kyndra Aragon, the mother and daughter team that run the bakery, and while the ladies of Sugar Bean Bakery look forward to finishing up construction on their retail location, they continue to stay busy operating their business as real life Sugar Fairies. As long as you’re in the Front Range/Denver area, Sugar Bean will deliver your favorite sweets to you. Just place your order online, and it’s like magic. Before you know it, you’ll be accidently “breaking” sugar cookies (which are unfit to serve) and sneaking tiny bites of flaky crust off of the pecan pie. I’ve even been known to sneak a taste of Sugar Bean’s not-too-sweet frosting off of the side of a cake which usually leads to guilt and me doing my best Martha Stewart impression to try to cover up my crime which typically leads to me make a bigger mess out of the cake. Go ahead and laugh, but don’t act like it’s never happened to you.

So whether you’re a fantastic baker and short on time, or are in the business of pretending like you can actually baked edible goods, give Sugar Bean Bakery a call. They added the perfect touch of sweetness to my Thanksgiving and I’m sure they’ll make you the most popular person at your Christmas table—behind the person that brought the wine, of course!

*Sugar Bean Bakery will be taking orders for Christmas until December 23rd.  

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