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Controversial prom dresses: an issue of appropriateness


Since we are in the midst of prom season (some would argue it’s too late for prom, but I know high schools who are yet to have it), there has been an issue that has been prevalent in many high schools: appropriate prom dresses.S

Teen girls are being sent home for wearing what school officials think are “inappropriate” prom dresses.

Many schools deem prom dresses as a violation of their dress codes; often the dresses are too revealing, or leading boys to think “impure thoughts.”

Consequences for violating the dress code have included getting kicked out of the prom, or in some drastic cases, suspension.

In some cases, some dresses girls wear are rather conservative still deemed inappropriate by the high schools they attend.

It’s not fair to the girls who hope to have the perfect prom complete with the perfect dress, especially when these dresses come with a hefty price tag of $300 or more. In anticipation of prom, some schools are going so far as to approve girls’ prom dresses before the event.

What constitutes what is appropriate or not? If girls are allowed to wear daisy dukes and crop tops, why not prom dresses? Being a high school alumna myself, the dress code was never strictly enforced. If other high schools were like mine where dress code is hardly enforced, then how come it is during prom season?

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