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Velaterapia: the hair-burning trend


For the past week, there has been a new hair trend that has swept the internet: velaterapia. Since the 1960s, velaterapia has been the chosen hair method in South America that involves twisting the hair into small sections and burning off the frazzled ends with a candle. The damaged ends stick out from the heat and is masked in a deep conditioner.F

The process takes about three hours and costs anywhere from $150 to $200. Professionals recommend that it should be done every three months to attain real results. The burning is said to open the hair follicles and help the hair retain the conditioner’s moisture.

What sparked this trend in the U.S. was Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosia, who posted a photo on Instagram of herself getting the treatment done. Barbara Fialho, another Victoria’s Secret model, was seen participating in the trend last year with many online news outlets covering it.

The trend, as bizarre as it seems, can be a valid solution to avoid getting a haircut. Many women dread going to the hair salon for fear the stylist will cut too much off. Velaterapia can be a solution to get rid of the split ends without getting a cut.

However, it is a dangerous process. Many women are saving money by trying it at home. There have been reports of many women lighting their hair on fire because of doing it incorrectly rather than going to an expert.

Another potential danger is causing damage to the hair fiber itself, resulting in weaker strands. Experts against the trend advise getting a trim to get rid of split ends rather than burning them off.

So for those who are afraid of lighting their hair on fire, or hate the smell of hair, velaterapia is not for you, but if you feel daring, go ahead and give it a try.

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