Boulder’s foodie industry in the spotlight

Published on: February 7th, 2017

The New York Times has taken note of Boulder’s role in producing new natural food businesses. Quinn Snacks, profiled in our October issue, was highlighted along with other local companies building a national reputation.

“Boulder is perhaps best known for craft beer and bicycles — there’s almost one for every person living here — and for being home to Mork and Mindy. But among foodies, it is also known as the place where new companies are challenging the old guard in the food business,” the Times wrote.

It then mentions several Boulder-based businesses, including Purely Elizabeth, Made in Nature and Good Karma Foods, all of which relocated here from various cities across the country, thanks to a community that rewards innovation and supports local, small businesses. It’s not just the small guys finding a home in Boulder, either. KeHE, the second-largest natural food distributor, has been in Boulder since 2013 and the Rodale Institute is bringing a satellite office here to continue its research on organic farming, something for which Boulder County has long had a reputation.

Businesses of all sizes are finding support from natural-food customers and industry experts alike. Organizations like Naturally Boulder help budding natural product entrepreneurs. As a leader in the natural foods movement, Boulder has a national reputation, but it’s nice to see startup food brands cite the small-town feel and business-friendly reputation for drawing them to Boulder.

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