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Eye Catchers: Song Sleuth app

Screenshot of Song Sleuth app.

A screenshot of the Song Sleuth app.

The Song Sleuth app by Wildlife Acoustics is perfect for birders and curious kids alike. Consider it the Shazam for bird songs. The app allows users to point their phone microphones toward a singing bird, record a sample and then it presents three possible species on screen. Experienced birders will likely know which of the three, but this means beginners still learn to ID the birds visually and consider other factors like the season and behavior. Species information pages include new illustrations by famed artist David Sibley, who collaborated on the app. More advanced features allow users to trim the visual spectrograms of multiple bird calls to isolate one mystery bird’s song, slow down and compare recordings, or share the date, location and song with other bird nerds. $10 on iTunes (coming to Android by fall)

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