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Hi, this is your dog. And I’ve got a few ideas about our summer plans…


last2017_YS_PetsHeader-02By Johnathen Duran

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, summer is finally here! Dogs love summer, but what’s a dog to do? Here I am, all paws and fur and wiggles and wishes, excited that the wet, stinky fur season has passed. I’m so ready for the outdoors. My human and I are going to have the most fun. We always have fun because my human loves me like I’m one of their children (and sometimes a little more). This year my human said we’re going to do all the best and most bark-riffic things Boulder County, Colorado, has to offer.

We count on you, our humans, to make sure summer is the barking-est best, so this is me, telling you, how to make sure this happens. Pay attention (unlike – squirrel!—me) to the best advice man’s best friend can give.

I’ve barked this out for my human to have a better idea of what us wiggling, tail wagging woofers love to do and how best to take care of us. So let’s get started.

1. Dog Activities: This is the most important item on the agenda, in my humble pup-pinion. It’s absolutely wooferful to get out for a hike, a bike, a car chase (woops, I’m not allowed to do that anymore), or a swim. In terms of the local stuff, BringFido is an awesome website with tons of great information on doggy-tivities. Use those funny human fingers to look it up. DogGoes has a great interactive map for locating places your dog definitely wants to go.

2. Dog parks are the best in terms of the local canine social scene. We all hang out in the grass, mark out our respective spaces so our humans can clean up after us, and we get to run like a real wolf pack (like great-grandpuppy used to). This is the best idea for those days my human has their own activities but still  want to make sure I get my exercise. Boulder County Dog Parks are listed at bouldercolorado.gov/parks-rec/dog-parks. GoPetFriendly also has a list of places for food, accommodations, and more where your favorite four-legged friend is welcome.

3. Puppy Parties are what doggy day dreams are made of. It’s always fun for the neighborhood pack to get together. Organize your own in the neighborhood; it’ll be a howl – literally. But if you want to make new furends, check out the puppy party and puppy socialization Meetup groups online.

4. Staying Cool is the best. Nothing like a sprinkler, a slip and slide, a kiddie pool, or a trip to a local body of water to keep us feeling frisky fresh in the summer heat. Also, remember that the ground gets hot and if we’re panting it’s because we’re thirsty. There are lots of links here for reservoirs, lakes, and more.

5. Dog Sitters / Doggy Day Cares are the worst, because we miss our humans, but they can be great if you know what to look for. We get it. We may want to spend every minute of our lives chasing the local squirrels and drooling at your feet, but you want a weekend away, time with a loved one, and we know you have work trips and friend events. Make sure we’re looked after by the best for man’s best friend. There. Are. A. Ton. Of. Them. And check out DogVacay, which is like AirBnB for your pup. Awesome.

6. Dog Rehab isn’t needed for every doggy, but not every doggy can run and jump and swim as fast and high and far as I can. I have a few pack buddies who need a little extra love. I’m not sure if the Americans with Disabilities  Act applies to the disabled puppy community, but it should. Aren’t we American puppies? Even if Shepherds emigrated from Germany and Chihuahuas came from Mexico originally.

Check out local resources for your furend, like Aspen Meadow, Dog Swim, (a cool way to stay healthy), and Dog Rehab Works. Side note: always terrible to talk about, but if any dog you know is dealing with abuse, reach out to the Boulder County Domestic Abuse humans (it’s important to know that animal abuse is considered a form of domestic violence ) or your local animal control. Keep our puppies safe.

7. SAYING GOODBYE. Finally, if your pup has reached the end of their leash and they’re ready to leave us, you can speak to wonderful humans at the Argus Institute. They provide “free grief counseling relating to pet loss and support to those making end-of-life decisions for their pets.”

If your furend has moved on to that great farm field in the country or if you want to add a furend to your family, there are plenty of adoption options: Summit Dog Rescue, Sunshine Canyon Dog Rescue, RezDawg Dog Rescue, and your local Humane Society.

If all goes according to plan, this is going to be the most wooferful, sun-drenched, snuggly, summer of all time; one to tell future pups about. Make sure you’re looking out for your furry friends so we can look out for you. See you at the puppy party.

Your best friend,


P.S. Sorry about your slippers.

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