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Best of the West 2018: Readers Choices


EC = East County Readers’ Choice

B = Boulder Readers’ Choice

Overall Restaurant

EC | 24 Carrot
24 carrots will leave you bursting with pride at your healthy choices. 24 Carrot Bistro goes above and beyond in providing locally-sourced delights for everyone, including your vegan friends and your meat-eating mom.

B | OAK on 14th
Putting an American twist on international cuisine is the path to success for this renowned eatery. OAK boasts a world class chef and a glorious bar, but it’s the use of space, of community context, that will make you fall in love.


EC | Lulus
Slow smoked precision, Lulu’s “Texas Hill Country Style” BBQ will make you feel like you’re enjoying an evening meal in the lonestar state. Their selection goes far beyond the average BBQ place.

B | KT’s

Their adorable pig with a hat logo makes us hungry and matches their Southern hospitality and offerings, featuring savory hickory dry rubs, though they’re known for their smoked pulled pork.

Contemporary American – Tie*

EC | 24 Carrot & Community

Both of these spots rock brick and wood like true rustic Americans. They’re revered for their warm atmospheres and modern twist on American cuisine. Bring a crew for the communal dining experience or cozy up in a corner and go it solo.

B | The Kitchen

Odds are you might not be able to borrow a cup of sugar, but this casual neighborhood joint will make you feel right at home. Share balsamic beets and parmesan smashers with a friend.

Cheap Eats

EC | Eats n Sweets Satisfy after-dinner cravings or morning snack fix at this corner store with a sunny disposition. Though focused more on their unique to-die-for baked goods, you’ll find plenty of the holy trifecta – soup, salad, and sandwich – as well. #LegendsofBOCO

B | Snarf’s
Snarf’s sounds like a 90’s kids cartoon, and that’s ok. Named after the owner, Jimmy, the sandwiches served will make your heart as happy as knowing you support a company that always supports the communities they’re in. #LegendsofBOCO

Bakery – TIE*

EC | Moxie Bread & Buttonrock
This tie is a unique puzzle for us as these two do two very different things. Moxie Bread Co is an Heirloom Wheat Bakery and Button Rock is everything sweet and yummy. Moxie’s bread reminds us of something one would find in Europe and Button Rock we have a weekly addiction to when the afternoon sweet tooth hits. Kudo’s to both for sharing the title!

B | Spruce Confections
Someone once said, “Let them eat cake.” When it comes to Spruce Confections, we’re absolutely down for the cake, and the scones, and all the other heavenly goodness they’re baking up fresh, daily, in their gorgeous open kitchen. You can find us here erasing our exercise gains with glee.


EC | Big Daddy         

Bagel time. Big Daddy’s is a flavor madhouse, catering to all your bagel goodness needs and spreading (schmearing?) love all over our region.

B | Moe’s Bagels
If Moe’s isn’t your morning routine, no matter which side of town you’re in, are you ever really awake? For the love of bagel, owners John and Patty are awake at 3 am baking to perfection. P.s. their cream cheeses recipes are kid (their kids) tested and approved. #LegendsofBOCO

Breakfast – TIE*

EC | Huckleberry & Morning Glory

Staring down at your avocado toast and flapjacks, or basic bacon and eggs, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right off the farm. We love a classic hearty breakfast plate and these places do it right.

B | Tangerine
With bright, bulbous orange lamps and fresh-squeezed orange juice ready, their citrusy name to is brought to light in the details. Fulfill your childhood dreams with the specialty green eggs and ham.

Morning Mouthful

EC | Santiago’s  

Skip the ho-hum chains and head for this Colorado favorite. It’s your local, affordable, convenient haven for morning magic. You’ll crave it.

B | Blackbelly
You’ll constantly find something new to pique your interest here, but you can always count on the butcher shop’s hearty handheld breakfast burritos.


EC | 24 Carrot
Come for the quaint downtown, enjoy the Colorado rustic chic interior, and stay for the French Beignets. Thi sis Erie’s favorite spot to refuel or to spend a long Saturday night out on the town.

B | Chautauqua
This is a historic landmark (shout out 1898) with a wrap-around porch and breathtaking mountain views. Take in a show in the auditorium or just cruise through for some brunchy love.


Waterloo will become a landmark with their recent move, expansion, and new chef preparing classic and diverse favorites. Taking over this rooftop patio locale is one of the best things to happen to Lousiville. #LegendsofBOCO

B | The Sink
Almost 100 years old and still passing down recipes and style that has drawn visitors from Fieri to Bourdain, to Obama, to the YS staff. Stop in after a show on the Hill for a true Boulder burger.

CO Based Chain

EC | Lucky Pie Pizza
BOCO pride itself on local culture. Lucky Pie starts with fresh dough from organic Colorado flour and ends with that brick oven touch for pizza perfection. Local artisanal toppings make this a Colorado favorite that we can all love.


EC | Sunrose Cafe
This has long been a favorite of YS staff, so we are happy to see them win again. The downtown location and art exhibits make it a perfect setting. They make their own lavender lemonade and offer awesome delights for dining.

B | Salt
The ebb and flow of this bistro will chill you ot. Whether you’re lunching or cruising by, this historic former tavern is a destination for a rustic farm-to-table lunch.

Healthy Meal

EC | Community
No frills, just food. Share in the joy of their CO comfort food, locally sourced and nutritious. Inspired by the classic Western joy of sitting around the campfire, you’re encouraged to enjoy sans cells and with an open mind.

B | Leaf
Having ‘massaged kale’ on the menu proves that Leaf cares as much about its ingredients as it does your health. You don’t want your kale too tense, and this urban jungle hideaway will soothe your spirit, too.

Gluten Free

EC | Aime’s Love
Aime means love in French, a nod to family heritage and the joy that accompanies culinary delight. This 100% gluten-free bakery and cafe is pouring over with warmth and delectable treats for any time of day.

B | Shine
Your soul will be shining when you step into this airy, neo-industrial haven and won’t stop until you’ve finished your final bites – or sips. The passion is in the details with each ‘potion’ accompanied by a sound frequency and a gemstone essence.

Dessert – Tie

EC | Sweet Cow & Huckleberry

Ice cream and cookies and pies, oh my! Decadent desserts are one of our many food-related weaknesses, and these spots hold the crown in satisfying our cravings every time. Clearly made with some of the best things in life – sugar and love.

B | Lucky’s Bakery
You know that feeling when your dessert is so pretty you can’t bear to eat it? Neither do we, because when it comes to Lucky’s, the taste is on par with the aesthetic and we simply can’t help ourselves. w

Meals on Wheels

EC | Sweet Cow      

We saw a meme that said, “Cows aren’t food, Cows are friends.” Then, “Name one cow you’re friends with.” Sweet Cow. With all the best ice creams you could want. And a cute logo. Made with some of the best things in life – sugar and love.

Green Chili

EC | Santiago’s
Santiago’s is Colorado. A favorite known for its everything. We go for the pitchers of margaritas. There are 28 locations across Colorado as your reliable source for mouth-watering green chile recipe. #LegendsofBOCO

B | Efrain’s
Efrain’s cuisine style comes from Northern Chihuahua, MX. They’ve been a BOCO staple for 30 years, with locations in Boulder, Longmont and Lafayette. Their green chile wins our hearts and we want it on everything.

Sea to Food

EC | Reelfish    ReelFish (get it?) has a seafood selection that is unlike any in Colorado, offering gluten free fish and chip options and taking otherwise pub food to new, fishy levels. There’s a seafood special everyday, from Wednesday’s cajun night to Thursday’s oyster deals proving landlocked doesn’t mean sea blocked.

B | Jax (Big Red F)
Jax is proudly a “safe catch” restaurant promising sustainably sourced seafood. Chef Sheila Lucero spoke to politicians in Washington this year advocating for responsible fishing. She promotes Jax seafood as a landlocked example to forefront healthy oceans and let customers know where their food is sourced. Also a member of the Big Red F restaurant group. #LegendsofBOCO


EC | Parma Trattoria

An all organic Italian spot is near impossible to find. Reflecting the authentic values of the Parma region of Italy, all cheeses are made in house or imported. You haven’t had a date night till you’ve had wine and cheese on their patio.

B | Carelli’s         

All the way from 80’s sub shop to modern fine diningt, they’ve won awards for their food, decor, and architectural design. When the dishes arrive on your table, you will be a regular in the making.

Sushi – Tie*

EC | Sakura & Sushi Aji
It’s impossible to choose one because they both give us those crave worthy sushi rolls that we are all guilty of posting on instagram. Sushi lovers rejoice! How can we be so lucky to have not one, but two sushi havens? Spend your weeknights alternating till you grow fins.

B | Sushi Zanmai                                            

They have a happy hour everyday of the week and host karaoke that gets wild every Saturday night. With an intimate environment and epic creations, you should go watch them chop it up and create #foodporn worthy rolls right in front of you. They’re also one of our #LegendsofBOCO


EC | Village Tavern
Award after award and now we’re giving them another. Featured on Food Network for their melted crab dip, this from-scratch kitchen cooks one of the best steaks in CO, and promises to get that perfect char for you.

B | The Cork
Time to uncork a bottle because they’ll help you pair wine to your favorite cut. All locally sourced food, this fine dining experience will be your go-to when you want to indulge in the best or make moves to impress. Check out their blog, too.


EC | Busaba                           

This is not typical westernized Thai food. The owners say, “we don’t prepare our food to what we think the market wants, we prepare it to what tastes good.” It is a family run business with recipes crafted for taste.

B | Aloy Thai         

Featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”, this is delicious, authentic Thai food at a prime location. Mixing modern and traditional elements into the decor and cooking, Aloy’s the perfect contemporary twist on music that spans generations.

Indian Food

EC | Taj Mahal
This is a BOCO legend and has often won our Best of the West or come in second. They do very little advertising so they’re a local’s secret. With this year’s win, get in there and find out why this is truly BOCO’s top Indian food.

B | Kathmandu
Visiting Nepal is on the #BucketList. In the meantime, we have Kathmandu. The buffet is the best way to go to try it all. This place is a steal plus they have lots of vegetarian and vegan options.


EC | Ting’s Place
Take this trip to Southeast Asia. Authentic Malaysian cuisine isn’t what you expect from a Chinese spot; their style blends together all our favorite dishes to perfection.

B | Chinese Gourmet

This cash-only restaurant is a cafeteria style concept with a homey vibe. The menu has so many options that it’s almost impossible not to leave with a plate of leftovers.


EC | Rosalee’s    
Yes, there is a line on weekends. No, they don’t do take-out orders if busy. You’re not eating Rosalee’s for just any pizza. You’re here for to die-for pizza. This New York/Chicago pizza is true Old World style.

B |Audrey Jane’s Pizza Garage
Audrey Jane loved pizza so much that a study abroad trip to Italy inspired her to become a pizzaiolo. After working in SFand NY, she brought her passion to us in a modern garage with mountain views.


EC | Lunada
We’ve loved this place since their first tiny space. They moved and have expanded their menu to offer Chef Dan’s culinary creations but also the traditional fare we appreciate. Just don’t expect anything to taste ordinary.

B | Zolo’s
Zolo means love. It means community, and coming into a space that sees you as family. Also, we tried to count all the tequilas they have, but we got tired and stopped for a drink. Zolo FTW.


EC | Waterloo
There was once a roof-top patio that sat relatively empty for years. Waterloo changed that. They righted the wrongs. Expect a packed house every summer. YS will be here weekly. #LegendsofBOCO

B | The Med
Close your eyes and take in the beauty, but don’t be surprised when you’re not staring into the Mediterranean sea from a cliffside cafe. The Med is the next best thing, and their romantic patio complete with Tuscan tile work and bare white bulbs will transport you to another place.


EC | Snarfs
We started eating at Snarf’s a million years ago. When we first met Jimmy all we could think was “what a quirky guy.” It’s turned out he IS a quirky guy  but his love of the sandwich has allowed Snarf’s to grow without ever losing what made them great in the first place.  #LegendsofBOCO

Best Ways to Whet Your Whistle

Overall Bar

EC | Red Zone at Pumphouse
Live the American dream: watch the game or shoot pool while eating classic fried American goodness, topped off with handcrafted beer.

B | Lazy Dog
When we’re not climbing mountains, Boulderites love to sip craft beer on Lazy Dog’s rooftop bar while enjoying live music. If you get hungry, the food is delicious too.

Happy-est hour

EC | Empire Lounge
Empire has you coverd. Their food and spirit offerings will satisfy the whole crew. Split a pitcher of their rotating craft beer and unwind in this Main street institution.

B | The Med
The liveliest spot in town offers a 9-close happy hour daily, which is why we’re struggling to type this. They feature epic tapas and a whole lot of sexy, just off the worn out Pearl Street stretch.


EC | Avery
You’ve probably seen the tap handles with the red ‘A’. Avery makes epic beer, but they’re more than bottles and cans: they’re community. Scroll through the dozens of charities their beers support.

B | Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co
They placed Gold for 10 different beer competitions including the 2017 Best Of Craft Beer Award (Kolsch and IPA). We’ve had them both to make sure, multiple times, and we – hiccup – agree.

Liquor Store

EC | Atlas Valley Purveyors
VP has all your evening spirits needs covered.Grocers and gifts, a deli? I’m ready to sip some and have my whole night planned by thse purveyors of goodness.

B | Hazel’s Beverage World
When they say world, they mean woorllldd. This place is filled with the best things from the furthest reaches of the galaxy to get your sips right. We love to stop by after working out to make sure we’re living a balanced life.


EC | Proper Grounds
It says it in the name: they do it Proper. They won us over with “Kindness is our inspiration.” For humans, for air and earth and sky, but mostly for the caffeine.

B | Ozo’s                   

Global beans, Guatemalan storage, and cultivated ideals of community, coffee and a calling. We can guarantee this is the only spot that teaches coffee classes through the SCAA.

Margarita Time

EC | Lunadas
Four words: fresh squeezed lime juice. They offer over 10 different concoctions of perfect margaritas. The La Pina has a kick with jalapeños. Their Horchata Margarita combines all out favorite Mexican drink flavors.

B | Bartaco
Tequila and tacos are all you need. And when it comes to the tequila, they’re not playing around. The house marg is libélula joven tequila (young, blended, very elegant) + combier liqueur d’orange + agave syrup + lime juice which we can assure you = MAGIC. It’s time you tried Boulder’s best marg.

Wine Shop

EC | Atlas Valley Purveyors
We love wine events, tastings, vineyard strolls, but sometimes I just want to swing in for a bottle of yum I’ve never tried.

B | Boulder Wine Merchant
BWM – the BMW of wine shops in the area – is so good we actually subscribe to their email updates. You should, too; it makes us smile, both from happiness and slight intoxication.

Bloodiest Mary

EC | Foolish Craig’s
Featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives for their crepes and fresh baked warm toasted stout bread. Every great brunch must be accompanied by a perfect Bloody Mary. The infused Kettle One Bloody Mary delivers.

B | Motherlode
Revive yourself after a night out with poached eggs and avocado paired with a custom bloody mary. We’re thankful their Bloody Mary mix is available on the shelves so we can try to imitate the best bloody in town.

Best Self Care in BOCO

Day Spa

EC | B | Spavia

The all-out guest experience with attention to detail makes a spa special. Warm neck pillows filled with the soothing scent of lavender, uber relaxing retreat area… Creates a heavenly haven to relax and escape.


EC | Lafayette Florist

Maybe you forgot your anniversary, or you had a less than divine day – it happens. Those corny romantic comedies are right: a gorgeous, lively bouquet always brightens the mood. You’ll get all the credit for that added personal touch.

B | Sturtz & Coleman

You’ll feel like Alice in Wonderland in this floral mecca. They even have edible flowers, but don’t get too excited, you won’t be falling down any rabbit holes. But they will fulfill all of your plant care hopes and dreams.


EC | Book Cellar

You can’t be a great writer unless you’re a great reader. Add in all the extras – the gift cards, postcards, appraisals, and the scent of dusty old books filled with all the wonder of the universe – and we’re sold. Go get dusty, asap.

B | Boulder Bookstore

One of the best bookstores in the state, BB has something for everyone. All genres, educator services, bookclubs, and tons of literary events. There’s no way to be disappointed here.


EC | Aesthetic Solutions

We want you to feel and look your best. The monthly specials make it easy to treat yo’ self. The team are on the cutting edge of skin science and ready for you to slide in for a dip in the fountain of youth.

B | Aura

We like you just the way you are. But if you’re in need of a smile (or anything else) enhancer, we know a sport. Taking care of Boulder beauty is what Aura does, and they’re known for having a deft touch, excellent service, and going that extra mile.


EC | B | Spavia

Boasting five different facials on an extensive skincare menu, they have something for every skin type to feel soothed and renewed. Creating the perfect atmosphere is the top priority for this spa’s professional staff.


EC | Evergreen Cottages

Some people say the first thin people notice is your smile. We think it’s your hands. Evergreen Cottage is the go-to for mani/pedis in the East County. We didn’t even know there were Caribbean therapy manis, but now we’re rockin’ island gear on the way to get our nails right.

B | J Lounge

We’ve all heard of farm to table; J Lounge has farm to fingers and toes. Organic products is the BOCO way. We live in the garden of good and J Lounge will treat you good. You won’t find fake acrylic nails here, only herbs, oils and relaxation.

DT Shopping District

EC | Lafayette

A whole new retail world is at your feet a quick drive from downtown Boulder full of food, the arts, and plenty of actual shopping. Whether your cup of matcha tea is an artsy boutique or upscale mall, there’s something for every shopper.

B | Pearl Street

Locals have a love/hate relationship with Pearl Street, but you can’t deny its charm. People watch all day in the pedestrian-only strip or duck into Boulder Book Store for some alone time or an escape to another worlds at the Dushanbe Teahouse. This is the heart and soul of Boulder.


EC | Elements

From Pre- to Post- natal, Elements has your back, literally. They do what it takes, from Himalayan Salt to Hot Stones to Deep Tissue. We’re still sore from that last spin class and this is where we stop in to work out the kinks.

B | St. Julien

St. Julien is high altitude relaxation at its finest. It’s the dream vacation we’ve been dreaming of. Tucked inside the 5 star St. Julien hotel, the spa is the key feature (in our humble opinion) for this casually elegant escape. Treat yourself to a Day of Decadence package.


Boutique – Women

EC | Eleanor & Hobbs
This is the kind of place you’ll leave with three new outfits, a pair of earrings and candles for no reason. Classy but relaxed, this boutique offers amazing customer service that’ll make you feel way better about the money spent.

B | Barbara & Company
We have no idea who Barbara is, but we can vouch she’s in good company with a shop full of designer womenswear curated by the owner, Kathy. In-store stylists provide refuge from the Pearl Street grind and can even help you select the ultimate outfit.

Boutique – Men

EC | Jax Mercantile
Jax is the kind of place you can take your everyday wardrobe to the next level, the “woodsy outdoorsman rolling the sleeves of his Patagonia pullover back to casually chop some wood for fun” level.

B | Regiment
Men usually don’t like shopping. Here’s a one-stop-shop where you can be told what’s in style, find something that suits you, and get it tailored. They even offer “dress right” seminars for companies looking to create a well-dressed employee base.

Kid’s Store

EC | Grandrabbit’s
Give the kids a break from growing up and let them unwind with a FREE Pop-In Project craft night. This specialty toy store prides itself on educational yet totally fun toys for kids of all ages.

B | Tie-Rocket Fizz & Grandrabbit’s
Youth isn’t wasted on the young. We’re lucky to have two crazy kids stores that offer the best of both worlds. Grandrabbit’s makes us feel young again while Rocket Fizz is a comic book come to life.

Consignment Shop

EC | Found Underground
The coolest everything is underground; the same goes for style. Found Underground helps you look cool as hell and save bucks. Keep an eye out for crazy sales like $5 Day.

B | Rag’s consignments
Rags has given us a whole new level of shopping bug with their new Boulder Warehouse location. Rags will have you dressed in riches. Nothing makes us happier than repurposed, new-to-us goods.


EC | Trivium Salon

Trivium is that effortlessly calm, cool and collected friend who tells you what’s up and helps you turn things around. In this case, that’s your hair that may or may not.

B | West End Salon
Follow @westendsalonboulder on IG for fresh styles and transformations. Their team will keep your look on point and your swag on 1000. You want color, you wanna get chopped, you want a team with a vision? This is your spot.

Gift shop

EC | Purple Poppy
We won’t make you guess what color the walls are. Fall into the whimsy of this adorably curated shop where you can pick out some unique pieces for both your home and your closet, and plenty of gifts for friends. Or even strangers. Make a day.

B | Jacque Michelle
Janet Taffet bought Jacques Michelle from the original owner. But don’t let that stop you. Taffet had been supplying the goods that made this shop special for 17 years prior. This place is a cornucopia of gorgeous.


EC | Eric Olson Master Jeweler
Say no to boring wedding bands and get a mountain band to represent your Colorado love story underneath a twinkling diamond moon. Eric is the first certified master jeweler in BOCO and holds the number one spot. He’s there daily making magic. #LegendsofBOCO

B | Hurdle’s Jewelery
Move over Bruno Mars, Hurdle’s has the 24k. This family owned spot has been a Pearl Street OG for 70 years. Breathtaking work has kept Hurdle’s a favorite.

Consignment Shop

EC | Found Underground
The coolest everything is underground; clearly the same goes for style. Found Underground helps you look cool as hell and save bucks. Keep an eye out for crazy sales like Five Dollar Day.

B | Rag’s Consignments
Rags has given us a whole other level of shopping bug with their new Boulder Warehouse location. 20% off everything, daily. Rags will have you dressed in riches. Nothing makes us happier than repurposed, new-to-you items.

Healing MMJ Shop

EC | Helping Hands
We remember mom said to eat our greens. We always did prefer to smoke ‘em. How lovely that Colorado has MMJ on deck to fill the gap between human need and pharma effectiveness.

B | Terrapin Station
It’s not all fun and games, folks. Ok, maybe it is….when you’re stoned. But that’s cool, it’s totally legal. So glad Terrapin is here to keep us feeling lovely, funky, munchy…wait, can you feel munchy? Def feeling healthy.

Best of BoCo Living

Musical Instruments

EC | Jensen Guitars
Jensen offers guitars and lessons to make you the next Hendrix. Go full-on rockstar and smash your guitar on stage after a sick riff; they offer an array of repair services to boot.

B | HB Woodsongs              

The name comjures up mythical creature playing in the forest. Whether or not you’ll be dancing around campfires, they can totally hook you up with a variety of folk instruments or a ukulele to serenade your cat.

Home Improvement

EC | Jax Ranch & Home
Home improvement may be just one section of offer, but Jax knows what you need to get the job done. And they’re right there ready to help with the rest of your home too.

B | McGuckin Hardware               

Nothing makes us feel like a serious homemaker like drilling the wrong size hole in the wrong place to hang something we probably don’t need. Thankfully we have McGuckins.


EC | B | Rocky Grass
This fest brings us the best bluegrass. Bring a lawn chair to soak in the gorgeous views and soulful music echoing through the canyon – though you may just want to dance.

Golf Course

EC | B | Indian Peaks
The green is so well-kept that it looks computer generated. Golf clinics for all ages and the Preferred Player card will get you serious discounts. Bragging rights sold separately.

Live Music

EC | B | Nissi’s

It’s always popping at Nissi’s. Whether you’re in the mood for comedy, jazz, or old rock n’ roll. March will welcome lots of CO funk. Plan ahead.

Art Gallery

This modest modern gallery hosts an Open Wall night for local artists to showcase and interact, raising funds with a silent auction in addition to regularly awesome exhibits.

Auto Repair

EC | Sun Mountain Auto
The only two certainties in life are taxes and car trouble. I think that’s how Ben Franklin put it. Or was that Ben Soelberg? Car issues happen; they have the expertise to put your mind – and that engine noise – to rest.

B | Hoshi’s

After 32 years of superb service and a garage operating with over 100 years of collective experience, we agree with the reviews: they’re the best. They proudly claim no interest in advertising. We understand why.

Musical Theater

EC | B | BDT
Musical theatre makes us feel joyful and alive. BDT serves up joy on a silver platter, with dinner and drinks. Check out the Glen Miller Orchestra in the Cabaret Series’ March 5 and 6.

Best Gym

Staying in shape needs to be a community affair. The Y of Boulder Valley is the place to go. All ages, classes, trainers, fun, and participating in a tradition we all should be a part of.

Ski Resort

EC | B | Eldora
With beautiful conditions, 21 mile from BOCO, classes, events, competitions, and more, we’ve never wanted to hit the slopes to fall down a mountain as much as we do now.

Martial Arts-TIE*

EC | B | Vision Quest & Bennets Karate
There are different styles and ways of teaching, different places you can go, but these two have been doing the work in our communities, raising up generations of strong, confident young people, encouraging strength and honor, and making us proud, one kick at a time.

Rec Center

EC | Bob l Burger
You want some drop in fitness? You want a community space to chill and have a book club meeting? A park to celebrate a birthday? BLB is perfect. And convenient no matter where you’re coming from.

B | E. Boulder R.C.
We’re impressed that they spend time pushing the hot tubs. We love a good soak. In all seriousness, from classes and camps to childcare and car charging, and being in our backyard, BRC is ready to take care of you.


EC | B | Jared Polis
More than just one of the wealthiest members of congress,he’s the first openly gay parent in congress, a consistent and powerful voice for Coloradans and, if he has his way, our next governor.


EC | B | Kelly Whitaker
He’s a genius. He’s worked and studied globally, including at foodie meccas like Spagos in LA (We still can’t get a reservation there). His love of organics inspires his newest endeavors at Basta and with his non-profit, Noble Grain Alliance.


EC | B | Gloria Oberbeck
She received the Patient’s Choice Award and Most Compassionate Doctor Award, but we think the Yellow Scene Best Doctor award is the pinnacle accolade. She’s an amazing doctor with patients who love her and her holistic healing arts.

Smile Maker (Dentist)

EC | B | Keene Smiles
Going to the dentist can be a harrowing experience, unless your dentist is a hero like Dr. Keene. With virtually every dental need covered, including an in-house plan for the uninsured and low income, Keene is absolutely ready to make your smile the very best it can be.


EC | B | Chiropractic Center of Erie
I know where I go when I have a case of the kinks. Back pain, lumbar, general tension. A good chiropractor touches with healer’s hands and doctor’s eyes.


EC | B | King Sooper
Our favorite grocery chain. I’m willing to bet most of us have freezers full and fridges stocked that we purchased at the King.

Pet supply

EC | Struttin Pup
We’re all guilty of pampering our pups. This puppy palace is the best in supplying toys and treats. Your dog will come for a grooming and leave with love from people who would never judge you for being a crazypet parent.

B | PC’s Pantry    

All four-legged fam is welcome in this pet haven. They’ll assist in solving any problem you have, from allergies to supplements. You can even celebrate a birthday with a ‘barkday’ cake in your pet’s favorite flavor.


EC | Jasper A.H.
The vet is scary, but more so for us as pet parents than for our pets. Jasper is ready to take your furry, four legged, sometimes scaly friends to keep them whole, so you can love them their whole life. Also, free exams for new rescues! Yay!

B | SoBo A.H.
Your “full service companion animal clinic” but so much more. Advanced care? They have LASERS, y’all. Medical, check. But also diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and counseling.


EC | Erie Family Eyecare

Sometimes the way you see the world is based on your frame of reference. Which reminds us, we have some frames to reference. EFE is the all-things-eyecare place where their vision is literally making sure you have your vision.

B | Wink 

Wink knows the eyes are the window to the soul and they will have you in soul expressing pair of optical devices in the blink of an eye. From vintage hipster to elegant and contemporary, you’ll be fashionable and in love with the way you see the world.

Bicycle Shop

EC | Cyclhops
Who knew bicycles and tequila went together? Check out this ‘bike cantina’ when you’re in need of a bike fix AND fajitas.

B | University Bikes
Their slogan is “unrelenting friendliness,” so expect the best. They’re overflowing with bikes and professionalism.

Sporting goods

EC | Jax Mercantile
It’s the one stop shop for all outdoors folk. This place makes us feel like we can conquer the wild world and the wild things.

B | REI Boulder
Classes to teach you everything outdoors. Wanna hike the Colorado Trail? This is the shop for gear, packing help and advicefrom folks who made the trek.

Shoe Store

EC | Brown’s
Brown’s is over 100 years old. We want to slide into a pair of the footy goodness they have on their shelves.

B | Pedestrians
The world’s first solar powered shoe store is in BOCO at this eco-friendly shop. They understand the importance of healthy feet. #LegendsofBOCO

Legal Service

EC | B | CO Legal Svcs
CLS is the only winner that has a statewide footprint, doing the good work of defending the vulnerable, standing as advocates, and making our world better on their shelves.

Private School

EC | B | Boulder Valley Waldorf School Imagination and creativity are fostered in spaces dedicated to educating a whole person. With a 5 acre campus and 32 acres of “field trip” lands, BVWS wins.

Public Charter school

EC | B | Peak to peak
#1 School in CO, Most Challenging, Top HS, World Language award, and outperforming BVSD and state ACT averages, we’re wishing we went here.

Home Furnishings

EC | Just Dandy
This store brings an array of home decor and furnishings, from the fun to fanciful to fully necessary, to Lafayette. We don’t even have room for all the quirky, quaint, rustic charm but we’re making room.

B | HW Homes
A home is a castle. And with HW Homes, a super sexy, comfy castle. We’re still saving up for what we want, but we have a list and you’ll need a pen and paper to take notes when you visit.


EC | Due South
We won’t talk about anything extra offered, but we will say that you won’t find better furniture. Chic, sexy, and so CO.

B | Urban Mattress
Beyond a 10 year guarantee, UM designs and builds in CO.  Your pillow is where all your dreams are born. Buy a pillow that can hold them.

SKI shop

EC | Jax Mercantile
BOCO takes skiing seriously, but have the best time doing it. Jax embodies this mindset and has all of the ski gear you need.

B | Crystal Ski Shop
You thought crystals were hippy nonsense. CSS knows the future: you’re gonna have a blast on their decks and skis breezing down the slopes. Get in to this locally owned ski shop now!

Best Neighborhood 

EC | B | Whittier
Revitalized and nestled off Pearl makes this the best hood. Walkable, student friendly, safe, eyeline to the Flatirons? Yes.

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