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Best of the West 2018: Critics Picks


Best of Belly Fillers

Best Tacos

Dugout Grill & Bar
It’s not fair, since they have no competition. Maybe you haven’t heard of Tachos. Let us help. Nachos, made with tater tots, smothered in goodness.

Reminder of the Treats of Thailand 

Chang tai
This isn’t East meets West. This is East…in the West. We love Thai food.

Burger Sans Bun

Blooming Beets
For a trip to the origins of humankind…and the diets of ancestors. And really, for a burger sans bun, this is your go to spot. #Paleo

Place to See the Sun Set Over the Flatirons

Elements Bistro
With a rooftop patio and a clear line of sight to the Flatirons, there’s no beating this spot for some gastro-pub at sunset.

Best Calzone

No Name Bar       

It doesn’t make sense, right? No Name is a music venue. But did you know the owner also owns Cosmo’s pizza next door?

Best Fried Fowl

The Post
There’s a meme about a 103 year old vegetarian saying, “It wasn’t worth it.” We’re not here to debate the merits of your dietary choices, but the chicken here is to die for.

Traditional Dutch Chocolate Goodness

Chocolaterie Stam
After our editor spent two years in Amsterdam, all he wanted when he got back was serious Dutch chocolate with his morning cappuccino. Stam answes the call.

Indian Lamb Chops

Flavor of India
We should just say, Best Indian everything, because Flavor of India gets it right. They’ve been making date night much more exotic and spicy since 2006.

Place to Eat with Your Fingers

Ras Kassa’s
The staff love to grab a piece of injera bread to roll up some goodness and put it in your mouth, to show you how to eat with your fingers like a pro. They celebrated their 30th anniversary this past January.

Longtime Local

Your Butcher Frank
ee Westcott and Ron Lamb (his name is LAMB, ok!) have been keeping your plates magnificent with excellent cuts and even better service since hair metal was in style.

Best Restaurant from the Dickens Era

Dickens Opera House
We celebrate the Dickens era for many things: the art, the architecture, Dickens lit of course, and the fact that his relative opened this location in 1881.  #OldSchool

All Week Ramen

Rocky Mountain Ramen
You never know when you’re going to have that insatiable craving for authentic ramen. At RMR, their doors swing 7 days a week to keep you fed, Japanese style.

Place to Find Kansas

Rib House Longmont
It was a harrowing journey for the protagonists of this story, but after a 12 year search for true Kansas City BBQ in Colorado, our heroes, opened the Rib House. #HappyEndings

BoEC Transplant

Tie: Fate & Tangerine
We can’t tell you how much we love when our favorites move to be closer to us. Fate expanded to a new location in Lafayette and Tangerine is opening shop on Public Road. We are beyond excited.

Pre-Flight Meal

E’s Just Good Eats
One man’s lifelong obsession with aviation + another’s grandma gifted culinary skills = greatness. This gastro-aviation spot has the best views and foods you can find, until you’re in the air.

Best Hot Dog

Marco’s Hot Dogs and Tacos                   

It would be truly easy to pass by this as some sort of off cuff, low rent spot you wouldn’t want to risk your taste buds on, but that would be a mistake. Marco’s is legendary.

Food Truck Playground

Rayback Collective                                

Rayback is laid back. Like, all the way chill, Colorado style. With interior cocktail , etc, the drinks are there to complement the rotating assortment of food trucks on the patio.

Portal to Peru


Besides being the only Peruvian restaurant in BOCO, this place is also delicious. Peruvian cuisine designed to blend with American dishes. FYI, they have a 10% off coupon you can print online.

Best Ways to Whet Your Whistle

Oversized Margarita

Old Santa Fe
Sometimes we’re just really thirsty for a giant marg, magical and glistening, served with a smile. We love a good margarita.

New Bar Name

Longmont + Kentucky. Get it? Longtucky pays homage to the great spirit houses of Kentucky, where bourbon was born, with a name that also recognizes the brilliance and importance of Longmont as an up-and-comer.

Place to See the Sun Set Over the Flatirons

Elements Bistro
With a rooftop patio and a clear line of sight to the Flatirons, there’s no beating this spot for some gastro-pub at sunset. Every Friday is Prime Rib night, so you know we’ll be there, listening to the occasional band spicing up the night while the sun goes down.

Denver Transplant

Stem Ciders             

With the building of a $7 million facility, Denver’s Stem Ciders recognizesthe burgeoning markets in Boulder and East County. Welcome to the neighborhood, folks.

Boulder Flashback

Dark Horse             

It’s not a place you go to just for the food, although that’s also amazing. This 1975 born pub is full of movie relics and decor to “boggle your mind and satisfy your senses.” World famous is almost an understatement and we expect your visit will prove it.

Classic Whiskey Joint

William Oliver’s Publick House
The glory of their beautiful wooden bar coupled with a nearly unsurpassed number of local and international whiskey, bourbon, and scotch, with a bar staff to keep your drinks creative, classic, and stiff makes this place our go-to whiskey house, since their 2016 expansion. Oh, and try the bacon.

Best of BoCo Living

Ways to Look like Van Gogh

Is it a passing fancy or a whim you can’t resist? That, friends, is art calling you…to Whimsy, where the Van Gogh inside can splash and splatter as you sip some. Perfect for a date night or team building.

Way to Geek Out

Rocky Mtn Steam Fest
In a word: Fantastical. RMSF is where BOCO creatives go to flourish. RMSF, happening in early March, is your chance to tinker, hack, build, and unleash your inner genius.

Rainbow Squad

Out boulder
It’s not all fun and games, but it is all rainbows and empowerment. Out Boulder takes LGBT rights to glorious levels with Speaking Out trainings, garden parties, and more. If you want to get your LGBT rights and/or ally work on, we have you covered.

Place to Reach for the Stars

Fiske Planetarium
From Beautiful Earth to the Dark Side of the Moon, a mind-melting musical, Michio Kaku and Neil deGrasse Tyson aren’t the only ones who swoon over stars. Bring your kids for a chance to dance beneath the virtual heavens.

Place to Parkour

Apex Movement
The way to be your best self is to reach your apex. This is where you do it. With classes, coaches, and a facility constructed to rival any in the world, ASOM is awesome. Let your body reach peak condition, expanding and exploding under, over, and around obstacles on the way to its Apex.

New View on Autism

Not Something to be Fixed
Where generations ago folks on the autism scale were undiagnosed and thought simply weird, society moved to full pathologization with medicines and an attitude of “let’s fix what’s wrong with you.” The newest view, one we embrace, sees Autism as something to be celebrated, not something to be fixed. .

Use of an Alpaca

Alpaca Connection
Alpacas are amazing, bred for their luxury wool fibers. AC founder and co-owner Lidia Hol keeps surprising with new designs and offerings. There’s a reason they’ve been in business for over 25 years

Critical Connections

Brickz for Kids
Kids crave connection, with friends or activities. Take them to the place with both. Legos like you’ve never seen will have your kid creating and connecting and learning in no time.


Lafayette Flea, Front Range Flea, No Place Like Home
Something about one man’s trash being treasure. All we find here is treasure. These are our go-to spots for saving the earth a little landfill space

Geek Gathering

Timewarp Comics
Look, you guys. Geek is a 4-letter word, so allow us to apologize…for not being geeky enough to kick it. These guys have it down: the comics, the games, the fanfic, and all trivia from the arcane to the mundane to the insane. A haven for geeks everywhere.

DownTown Addition

Ivy Rose
The latest fashion addition in Longmont, Ivy Rose does it all: private shoppers for individuals and groups, closet editing, and styling women of every generation. This is how you keep your style on point.

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