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Dating BOCO 2018: Transplants Need Love, Too!




Age 25

Chelsea Hetherington


This thriving Boulder insurance agent has enough colorful stories to fill a chill evening at a local pub, and then some. If you’re an animal lover, you would be lucky to meet this city-hopper. Just make sure you’re nice to her dog. Taking a stroll down Pearl Street with Chelsea ensures an afternoon of smiles, sarcasm and the perfect amount of good-natured sass – what more could you ask for?


Occupation: Insurance

Hometown: Lyons, but I’ve been living in Portland, OR for the last 5 years.

Current location: Broomfield, CO

Moved to CO/Boulder: March 2017


Hobbies: I love dogs and animals, the outdoors, art, movies, adventures.


Traits I look for in a significant other: Chemistry above all else.

Number of dates per month: 3-4. I’ve been on about 25 first dates since being back in Colorado.


Online/app dating experience: I’ve used Tinder, CMB, Skout, MeetMe, Plenty of Fish and some I can’t remember, but I’ve given up.


Best place to meet people in BoCo: If I knew that I wouldn’t be single! In places like restaurants and bars, people here are very closed off to new folks.


Favorite date spot in BoCo: I’ve tried many different places and everything is a bust. If I really want to go out and I don’t want to meet new people, I do enjoy the Dark Horse. It can be fun to walk down the Pearl Street Mall.


Favorite date spot in my hometown (or previous location): When I lived in Portland, there were a lot of local dive bars and unique events to do.


Impact my career has on dating: It’s definitely made it easier, although it’s only led to two dates that didn’t go anywhere.  I do go to a lot of networking events which makes it easier for to meet people in general, although it’s business talk, not dating.


Dating in Boulder vs my hometown (or previous location): I tried a lot of online dating in Portland with about as much success as I have here. Although the people were more laid back and it was easier to make friends or find potential dates without using an app.


Pros/Cons of being ‘single in the suburbs’:  It’s hard to meet people my own age. Everyone is either a super young CU student, or older with a family.


Traits that are special or significant in people I’ve met here: Mainly, it just feels like people are closed off. For example, I went to a distillery for a “speed friending” event and I felt so judged by the people in there, I left after 5 minutes. The only unique thing that stands out dating-wise is the guy that took me to Vegas as a gift and then went psycho on me while we were there. He sure was ‘special.’ Generally, the dates have been flat and boring, though. No chemistry.







Age 42

Josh _Eros_ Rosenfield

Josh is so passionate about authentic human connection that he created his own app to help people find it. Being the epitome of Boulder living, he treasures the conscious culture and is looking for an authentic soul with the same mindset. This startup founder and CEO is ready to explore the natural beauty of life.


Occupation: CEO at Nectar Connections app. CEO at BOQARI, couture underwear. Healer at Sacred Touch


Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Current location: Boulder, CO

Moved to CO/Boulder: June 2013, traveled and moved back in April 2016


Hobbies: Personal growth, social change, hiking, snowboarding, travel adventures.


Traits I look for in a significant other: Respect, kindness, intelligence, integrity, open heartedness, badassery, and passion for life.


Number of dates per month: 2-6


Online/app dating experience: I’ve tried all of the dating apps and I don’t think any of them is doing a good enough job. That’s what inspired Nectar.

Best place to meet people in BoCo: Conscious events and activities like yoga and movement are some of the best. I do feel there should be more ways to meaningfully connect with amazing people in real life, which is why I’m developing a new connections app.


Favorite date spot in BoCo: I live right on Sanitas Trail, so chatting over a beautiful hike and tea is my favorite. It’s so much more personal to me than meeting in a noisy restaurant or bar.


Impact my career has on dating: It’s specifically designed to help people connect, and I think it’s going to change everything, dating and otherwise.


dating in Boulder vs hometown (or previous location): I find DC and the East Coast to be higher stress and more disembodied. I love Boulder for its conscious culture, with so many people that are interested in personal growth and sacred connection.


pros/cons of being ‘single in the suburbs’: Now that I’m in my 40s, and everyone is fairly busy, it’s definitely more challenging to meet like-minded single people without kids that still feel passionate about life. On t other hand, I have more wisdom and ability to deeply appreciate life on my own, so there’s a sweet balance. Oh, and just about every single woman in Boulder has a dog.

I love dogs, but the last woman I dated had a dog who slept next to her in bed and rode in the passenger seat. I was literally taking his place, and he didn’t appreciate it, so we both felt bad. He put two paws on the bed and started barking every time we had sex, which was weird, and not really in a good way.  So whenever I see a dog in someone’s Tinder photo, I’m thinking, uh-oh, the co-pilot spot is already taken. Swipe!


Traits that are special or significant in people I’ve met here: There are definitely more conscious people here, and more open mindedness. It feels more authentic and satisfying to date conscious people.







Age 54



With a deep appreciation for art, music and metaphysics, the new girl in town clearly belonged in Boulder all along. Don’t miss an opportunity to spend some time enjoying vegetarian fare or traipsing through the gardens with this Jill-of-all-trades. A passionate heart and love of the outdoors will work in your favor to woo this holistic healer.


Occupation: Sales Executive and holistic practitioner

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Current location: Longmont, CO

Moved to CO/Boulder: August 2017


Hobbies: Cooking vegetarian fare, music, the arts, traveling, gardening, metaphysics, spa days, the outdoors.


Traits I look for in a significant other: Kind, joyful, adventurist, deeply spiritual, lives a conscious lifestyle,  understands the impact his action have on the planet, others and himself. Spontaneous yet grounded, loves life, appreciates the finer things and the outdoors.


Number of dates per month: None yet!

Best place to meet people in BoCo: The Kitchen Next Door, Upstairs, Cork, T/aco. I’m still exploring where to meet others. The comedy club on Sunday night.


Favorite date spot in BoCo: I haven’t been here that long and I’ve been worried about trying to stick to a job, which I have, so [dating] hasn’t really been a priority … I’ve just been trying to get established. But any kind of art event or exhibit. Having lived in LA, New York, and Chicago, I really miss the culture.


Favorite date spot in my hometown (or previous location): Cité atop Lake Point Towers in downtown Chicago. Great food, ambience, music and view.


Impact my career has on dating: I sometimes work till 9 p.m. so that affects opportunities I have to miss when I’m working late. Plus, I usually work weekends.


dating in Boulder vs my hometown (or previous location): I lived downtown so I would go to the art institute, or a gallery opening, jazz bars, champagne bars, or any venue and just click with those who were funny and authentic. It seemed easier to meet people when I was younger. Since i’m new to the area, it’s harder.


pros/cons of being ‘single in the suburbs’: When I lived in downtown Chicago you could go to an art exhibit or a restaurant opening and meet people in just everyday like because it’s such a big city. Here, I haven’t really casually just met somebody. I haven’t been in that headspace. I also had a really bad car accident in 2016 and I had to have a knee replace surgery, and i had to go thru extensive physical theory so my whole goal has just been to get established here and get back in shape. Dating hasn’t been my first intention.


Traits that are special or significant in people I’ve met here: Although I haven’t been on a date here yet, sadly, I find people to just be so open. There is a sense of adventure that most people have that is so refreshing. It’s seems that most people I’ve met are really happy, too, which is great!



Age 35

Zade Faraj copy

Having grown up in London and Texas, you know Zade is a gentleman. Did we mention he’s a doctor of dental surgery, too?


Occupation: Dentist at Studio Z Dental

Hometown: Houston, TX. From London.

Current location: Boulder, CO

Date moved to CO/Boulder: September 2017

Hobbies: Workout classes, soccer, cycling, table tennis, disco dancing


Traits you look for in a significant other: I gravitate towards deeper connections. Those experiences, personal beliefs, values, and ideals provide foundation.


Number of dates per month: 1-2. I’ve been on a few since I moved. I settled in before I even considered dating.


Online/dating app experience: Yeah, I was talked into it, and that’s the story I’m sticking with. I’ve used both, and it is absolutely possible to find a special person you connect with through an apps.


Best place to meet people in BoCo: There’s always a ton of things going on, so I think the more events, the more likely you are to meet people.


Favorite date spot in BoCo: Revealing state secrets is a punishable offense, is it not? I prefer a more relaxed feel to the first meet-up.


Impact my career has on dating: I feel fortunate my career affords me a really healthy work-life balance. I’m extremely dedicated to my patients, however, so I don’t tend to take too much personal time off.


pros/cons of being ‘single in the suburbs’: Boulder is definitely a smaller community. Trying to find someone who fits just right is going be much more difficult. I think most people want the same things, and in many ways, are more compatible with others than they really think they are.

Best date I’ve had in BoCo: My favorite date started randomly at Moosejaw with an absolutely stunning woman who wanted to try on winter jackets. After that we made our way over to Pizzeria Locale and had some wonderful conversation. It was had all the hallmarks of good things to come.





Joshua Coyle copyJOSHUA COYLE

Age 32


You won’t find this young Boulder professional on Tinder. But if you’re ambitious and pride yourself on personal growth, you’ll hit it off with Josh.


Occupation: Media Ops & Project Mgr, continuing ed in Data Science & Analytics.

Hometown: Matthews, NC

Current location: Boulder, CO

Moved to CO/Boulder: September 2011


Hobbies: I enjoy outdoor activities. I play guitar in a jazz group and enjoy networking, reading, yoga…


Traits I look for in a significant other: The most important traits that I look for is being open minded, passionate, and able to carry a conversation. I look for someone who is ambitious, also a lifelong learner, spiritual, loving, present, and growing.


Number of dates per month: It depends on what is happening in my life.  Some months when I’m feeling more social, I’ll go on a few dates a month.


Online/app dating experience: I’ve never had a connection with these types of apps and prefer in person situations.


Best place to meet people in BoCo: I love networking in Boulder. I also see a lot of live music and always end up meeting fun individuals and groups.


Favorite date spot in BoCo: I would say going to get drinks on Pearl St., then either wandering Pearl St. together getting to know each other, or if we’re in the stage of getting dinner, I love River & Woods.


Impact my career has on dating: I can get caught up in work and education and it takes energy that I would spend on dating.


pros/cons of being ‘single in the suburbs’:  The biggest struggle is the amount of locations to meet people In terms of benefits, I think it allows room for creativity.


Best date I’ve had in BoCo: I met my date at the Farmer’s Market and walked around, laid in the sun at the park and people watched. Then we went to Sanitas Trailhead, where we went on a hike together.


Traits that are special or significant in people I’ve met here:  Almost everyone I meet is ambitious in terms of their own personal growth. I love personal growth and to be involved with other individuals who care as deeply about it as I do.




McGrath_Sexton Headshot 2015WEBSEXTON MCGRATH

Age 27


Calling all coffee lovers – you’re in luck, because you can always find this professional dancer at a local café. Bonus points if you have an affinity for good convo while meandering in the woods.


Occupation: Artist. Currently seeking employment, was a dancer in New York.

Hometown: NYC, grew up in Miami, FL.

Current location: Boulder, CO

Date moved to CO/Boulder: January 2018


Hobbies: Art, going to shows, hiking and being outdoors, reading, being social. I love to go out dancing.

Traits I look for in a significant other: Cleanliness, good hygiene. An emotional maturity. Someone who likes to be social and spontaneous, who’s open to trying to new things and going new places.


Number of dates per month: 5-10. I haven’t been on any dates since I’ve been in Boulder.


Online/app dating experience: I definitely have used all of them at least once, for sure. Because I’m gay it’s easier and more helpful to use an app if there isn’t a gay bar or something in the area.


Best place to meet people in BoCo: I did go to school here so there were more parties and social events. Other than that, I’ve been meeting people who I used to know in coffee shops and yoga classes.


Favorite date spot in BoCo: Cafés. Everywhere I go I like to have a first date at a coffee shop somewhere, it’s always a good spot to meet people.


Dating in Boulder V my hometown (or previous location): There’s more of a n invitation to relationships here as opposed to New York where everything is so temporary.

Pros/Cons of being ‘single in the suburbs’:


Being single here is nice because I can be more spontaneous. I can go to different fitness classes, yoga or dance class, go for a hike, to Denver, or out dancing because I have that flexibility.


Traits that are special or significant in people I’ve met here: People are so friendly and nice which is SO refreshing. That’s something I really love, that people tend to be social and hospitable and have a healthy mind and attitude.



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