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Whiskey Wars: Bourbon & Bacon Fest v the Denver Winter Whiskey Fest



Denver recently played host to not one but two whiskey events on the same day. Because we’re equal opportunists, stubborn overachievers and downright diligent dandies here at Yellow Scene, we felt it prudent to experience both and provide you with an honest appraisal of each. #ResponsibleJournalism

Consider it helpful advice for next year. Consider it whatever you want, yet also please consider the inherent sacrifice one shoulders in attending two whiskey tastings on the same damn day, Below you’ll see our scores in six different categories: Whiskey, Munchies, Music, Venue, Local Offerings, and Affordability. The scoring is based on a 0-5 barrel scale; 0 being trash and 5 being exemplary.

As you’ll see, it was a close contest between the two, and they received a slightly pedestrian yet solid 19 and 20 barrels, respectively, out of 30. The range of selection and premiere quality of both whiskey and food at B&B catapulted them into the lead out of the gates, but affordability matters to us working-class folk, as does the value of what we’re getting in return for our hard earned dollars. Neither venue properly utilized their space, and because B&B presumably had a leg-up here in hosting theirs at McNichols, it’s truly disappointing that the ambiance and vibe there were so chaotic.

At the end of the day, I personally would not shell out for the “VIP” experience at either event, but could easily be convinced to fork over the dough for GA, especially at WWF ‘19. And if nothing else, paying money to both get a little drunk and learn how best to get drunk in the future makes me feel like a giddy and informed consumer.





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