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Yard Products | Home & Hood


The world is wide open and ready for you to make your yard your own with these fun, quirky, unique and home glow up yard and garden products. Jump online, or jump in line at your nearest outdoor, garden, or home retailer to change the vibe, up the cool, and turn up the transformation of your outdoor living spaces.

Sources: McGuckin Hardware and Nick’s Garden Center & Farm Market


Patio Essentials Citronella Candle – 6 oz – $4.99 at McGuckin Hardware

These terra cotta citronella candle pots come in different colors and geometric patterns… and prevent those blood-suckers from stealing your blood.

Square Solar Lantern Gold – $17.99 at McGuckin Hardware

This hanging solar lantern is stylish and convenient, helping you enjoy your nights while using green energy. The lantern is collapsible and made of sheer, pearlized, solar fabric.

Tiki Fire Pot Black – 10 Inch – $19.97 at McGuckin Hardware

The black Tiki Fire Pot uses standard Tiki Torch fuel to brighten your yard . It’s made of a weather-resistant ceramic, so it can even withstand Colorado’s wild weather.

Tiki 4-n-1 Multi Use Citronella Torch$21.99 at McGuckin Hardware

These stylish tiki torches will protect you from tiny winged vampires while providing warmth and light for the yard. They have four configurations.

Red Carpet Studios Tree Face Sun Birdhouse$27.99 at McGuckin Hardware

This clever birdhouse looks like  a creepy sun figurine. Add some fun to the yard while providing a safe haven for birds.

Sport Shelter – 9′ x 6′ Blue – $49.99 at McGuckin Hardware

This pop-up shelter is an easy and convenient way to enjoy your yard while you protect yourself from UV rays. It’s sturdy, fire-resistant, and spacious.

GCI Outdoor Slim Fold Cook Station$74.99 at McGuckin Hardware

This one piece, easy-to-set-up station designed with SLIM-FOLD Technology has four plastic fold out side tables, a heat-resistant aluminum countertop, and a lower storage rack; plenty of space indulge our culinary yearnings.

Hammaka Hammock Chair$89.99 at McGuckin Hardware

This is a stylish, comfortable, and popular hammock chair. It’s easy and quick to set up, and can hang anywhere. It’s the epitome of relaxation. Just…hang out.

JOI Heat Powered Table Light$99.99 at McGuckin Hardware

This nifty table light transforms the heat energy from the candle inside into 18 times the light of a traditional tea light by using thermoelectric technology. Science, yo…

Lily Pads Fountain 15.5″ – $99.99 at McGuckin Hardware

This handcrafted art glass and metal fountain adds beauty to any area. It can fit on many different surfaces (even your toilet tank cover!), providing peaceful sounds of water to any space.

Clay Chimenea Striped Red or Diamond Toscano – $159.99 at McGuckin Hardware

Originating in 17th century Mexico, these were originally handmade into two pieces (the chimney and the wood chamber) from raw, wet clay. As a result, just like humans, each one is different and unique.

Hammock Source Soft Weave – Hammock Green 55X80 Inch, $199.99 at McGuckin Hardware

This colorful, soft hammock will add comfort and relaxation to your backyard activities. It is a thatchwork of padded fabric ribbons, so is comfortable and soft but also secure.

Uniflame LP Outdoor Firebowl Slate (Lava)$269.99 at McGuckin Hardware

This Slate comes with lava rocks that enhance the beauty of the flames, like watching an erupting volcano. Additionally, it’s designed so that the base conceals the propane tank and controls… beautiful.

TreePod 6 ft. Mesh Cabana$313.49 at McGuckin Hardware

Set it up indoors or out and it still offers relaxation. The mesh sides and hanging design allow the Cabana to feel open and airy, like laying on a cloud.

Everdure 4K Stone$2,299.00 at McGuckin Hardware

The sleek design beautifies yards more than a traditional, boring grill does. The outdoor cooker is very well constructed. It uses an airflow control system to change the temperature and the company has a free app that provides all of the data to the user.

Desert Sombrero Birdbath$289.99 at Nick’s Garden Center & Farm Market

This creative cultural birdbath will make your backyard fun and colorful. In addition, it will attract beautiful birds to help liven up your yard. Que preciosa.

Bonsai Fountain$384.99 (small) or $484.99 (large) at Nick’s Garden Center & Farm Market

Add some ambiance and beauty to your yard. It’s great to look at and listen to as you relax in your yard, and may even make you forget that you’re in Colorado, not Japan.

Banyan Hi-Top Set$929.99 at Nick’s Garden Center & Farm Market

This fun and creative table and chair set is both beautiful and functional. You can admire its beauty or use it to sit and relax and enjoy a meal or drink in your yard.

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