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Black Voice Movement by Black Sparrow Media



Black Sparrow Media is a locally owned and operated video production company here in Northern Colorado. With a focus on projects that improve the lives and well being of others, benefits community involvement, and local artists, the driving purpose of Black Sparrow Media is to improve the world we live in through the use of creative and engaging films or videos.


With this in mind as the main mission on which the business was founded, Black Sparrow Media is advocating for the current Black Lives Matter revolution taking place worldwide through a Black Voices Movement initiative project aimed at the local level.


Given not only the current state of the nation but the relative uniformity of the Front Range, founder and creative director Jamal Page saw the perfect opportunity to organize and showcase diversity in the area. The company has committed to creating and promoting art made by the Black community. Through this, it aims to utilize its platform to create content and establish a pipeline for black art to be seen by the Northern Colorado community and the world. On a local level, we’ll have showcase nights at specific venues to bring attention to the art coming from the local community. On a national level, a chance to create films and entertainment that can be enjoyed online as well.


Black Sparrow Media believes in the power of uplifting and sharing Black voices and passions, especially during this time. In order to achieve this, a fundraiser has been organized in attempts to bring this vision to life. Black Sparrow Media is committing to achieve the aspirations of this project with a fundraising goal of $9,000 to represent the nine minutes it took the Minneapolis PD to murder George Floyd.


Nine minutes it took to silence the voice of yet another Black man in America. Black Sparrow Media aims to highlight to others the beauty and impact Black art can have on communities everywhere.

Willing patrons can make donations to Black Voices Movement

online by visiting the

Black Sparrow Media website, and donate directly to the GoFundMe

or via Venmo @BlackSparrowMedia as well as


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