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New 2500 Set-back measure collecting signatures for the ballot


We are still facing Climate Change amidst the “every day” corruption and injustices of the world we also face.

Since SB181 was signed over a year ago, the Governor and COGCC have failed to follow the mandate (law) of Health and Safety first and have approved thousands of permits near homes future homes, bodies of water, schools, and parks.
Because SB181 has not completed rule-making to date, and as such, has done little to protect our health and current air quality of Colorado. Governor Polis signed an MOU with Weld County to streamline the permitting process. Erie is facing a mega-pad with the local approval of the Acme Pad.

More on the Acme Pad. 


Polis v Earth: Reckoning


The CDPHE study shows health impacts such as respiratory issues, severe headaches, nose bleeds, and severe fatigue at 2500 ft. The study did not, however, look at mega pads or multiple wells and their effects on health. 
Colorado has the 4th worst air in the country and a main contributor being O&G extraction. The EPA recently downgraded the ozone status of Denver and eight other northern Colorado counties from “moderate” to “serious.”
Environmental racism is a real concern as impoverished neighborhoods are often more impacted. Such is the story of Bello Romero who is now experiencing benzene emissions exceeding health standards. Bello Romero made it to the national news, when The Daily Show featured the story of an Industrial Extraction site from the ‘rich, white’ school to the less wealthy, largely Latina school. 
And then there is The ‘Rona. The world is experiencing a respiratory virus pandemic and those in areas with higher levels of pollution, people are at a higher risk of contracting and dying from COVID, especially communities of color. 
The Oil & Gas industry has been built on a house of cards for a very long time. The Coronavirus showed just how unstable this industry is. 


A new group, Safe & Healthy Colorado, has sprung up with Ballot Initiative 174 – a 2,500 set back – and are collecting signatures now for the ballot. Some of you may ask, why try again when it failed by a 5% margin with a budget 1/10 of the O&G industry? 


We hope the answer remains obvious to that question. 


You can sign the ballot initiative here. 


Colorado Activists Revive Anti-Fracking Ballot Iniative, New York Times


While we, as a society, are saying no to continuing the injustices that have harmed this nation for far too long, we also need to be saying NO to corruption across the board.

Colorado does not need more Oil & Gas extractions. We ship most of it out of the country anyway.   

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