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PRESS RELEASE: 350.org: Oil & Gas Expansion in Weld County





Hello Friend, 

As you already know, the oil and gas industry is working to expand its drilling activities throughout Colorado. Weld county is of course a hotspot for fracking, at the expense of community health and safety. In the midst of a respiratory health pandemic, new fracking permits are still being approved in this state, when it is common knowledge that oil and gas industry development is a major contributor to the F-grade air quality along Colorado’s front range. Fortunately, there is an easy action that you can take, which can help delay the expansion of new fracking sites in your county.

Currently in Weld county, there are 78 pending oil and gas permits for which written comments are still being accepted – with some comment deadlines as early as this week. As per COGCC regulations, pending permits for new drilling operations have a time period open for public commentary, and public comments that are submitted during this time can help to delay new oil and gas development. It is crucial that concerned citizens push back against an expansion of the industry in their communities, by raising their important concerns. Please let the COGCC know that all permitting should be put on hold to ensure that health and safety is properly prioritized during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s how you can take action now:

  • Share this information with friends and family who live in Weld County where permits are pending, so they have the opportunity to send a comment opposing additional fracking near them.

  • Submit your comments about one or more of the proposed drilling permits by clicking here. Find the Weld County list and then click on the individual permit links to make a comment. Click “Make Comment,” and let the COGCC know why you do not want an expansion of oil and gas drilling. Need talking points for your comments? Click here. The same comment can be submitted for each pending permit, and the more comments that are submitted by concerned citizens, the better. New permits are added to this list weekly, you can refer to the spreadsheet to stay up-to-date on new permits and comment deadlines in your county.

  • For more detailed information on the pending permits in your county, please refer to the COGCC Pending Permits page.

We recognize there are a number of permits in Weld County so please comment on any number of permits. Thanks so much for your support in helping to keep our communities and environment frack-free!


Giselle and the 350 Colorado Team 

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