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Month in Review | Dec 20-Jan 21


Month in Review

As we near the end of 2020, Colorado Coronavirus cases surged, slightly reduced, then discovered the first US case of the UK COVID-19 variant, which is 56 percent more contagious than the common strain. With cases mounting, Pueblo became the first area of the state with freezer morgues. Currently, approximately 1 in 900 Americans have died from COVID-19. Phase 1A of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution is underway, vaccinating highest-risk healthcare workers and individuals, followed by Phase 1B for Moderate-risk healthcare workers and responders. Phase 2 begins in the Spring, for higher-risk individuals and essential workers. Phase 3 begins in Summer for the general public. A new CO vaccine dashboard should be live soon, with info on timelines for different groups. A recent report claims that, at the current rate of inoculation, the US will not complete vaccinations for 10 years. Colorado currently has enough vaccines on hand for all Frontline healthcare workers. Some areas of Colorado have already begun moving to phase 1B. Moderna’s Vaccine has finally become available in Boulder County, after emergency use authorization was granted in Mid-December. All vaccines in Colorado so far have been Pfizer’s. YS Editor De La Vaca hosted the second of his Everyone Deserves Tacos events, this one in Aurora. He plans to rotate them around the region, with a Boulder EDT planned for February.   County officials first detailed plans for a Boulder County compost site earlier in 2020, deciding on the old Rainbow Nursery, a flailing, 40-acre tree farm south of Longmont along U.S. Highway 287. Residents have pushed back against the placement, citing noise and open space concerns and the possibility of further development, including O&G, being allowed. The 5 Star program is in the works, seeking to help re-open local businesses that meet safety targets. Boulder County isn’t yet eligible to apply for the CDPHE administered COVID-19 5 Star State Certification Program, but county leaders are working on an administrative committee to lead implementation of the program, according to a press release. Donald Trump, as a parting gift to America, encouraged a dual superspreader event / coup attempt. 5 people died, including a cop murdered by MAGA, beaten to death on the capitol steps.

Small Talk

“Ken Buck and Doug Lamborn are an embarrassment to our great state. The voters have spoken – they chose Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be the next President and Vice President of the United States, and no amount of frivolous lawsuits attempting to subvert the will of the voters can change that indisputable fact. By adding their names to this meritless and dangerous lawsuit, Ken Buck and Doug Lamborn are showing they have no respect for their own constituents, for democracy, or for the rule of law.”

– Morgan Carroll, Chair of the Colorado
Democratic Party

“That won’t happen. There’s no way that prisoners are going to get it before members of a vulnerable population… There’s no way it’s going to go to prisoners before it goes to people who haven’t committed any crime. That’s obvious.”

Governor Jared Polis, on concerns prisoners may receive the COVID-19 vaccine ahead of others. Note that many Coloradans incarcerated haven’t been convicted of any crime, or even a violent crime, but can’t social distance or take precautions

“According to our records … we’ve pretty much got the frontline health care workers done with their first dose. So we’ll be going into our next phase, Phase 1b.”

Brig. Gen. Scott Sherman,
Colorado National Guard

“Which is worse, the person gets the virus and survives and they still have a business, or they don’t get the virus and they lose their livelihood?”

– Larry Kelderman, Weld County resident, questioning state COVID restrictions

“They were basically encouraging their citizens to violate the emergency health orders … with this cowboy-esque, you know, ‘Yippee-ki-yay, freedom, Constitution forever, damn the consequences. Their statement is ‘Our hospitals are full, but don’t worry, we’re just going to use yours.”

-The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office,
on level 2 fire restrictions


By the Numbers


Americans dead from Coronavirus to date


Number of vaccinations in Colorado, at the time of this writing


People being vaccinated every day in Colorado


# of beds intensive care beds Weld county had versus what they claimed, including Longmont’s BOCO side beds


The rate of positive COVID cases in Weld County compared to Boulder County

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