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Spotlighting the Over 50 Population in Boulder County: Wise Women and Magnificent Men Photo Project | Press Release


PRESS RELEASE: Press Releases are provided to Yellow Scene. In an effort to keep our community informed, we publish some press releases in whole.



Wise Women and Magnificent Men: Photography Project

Louisville, Colorado, July 26, 2021 — Robin Enright Salcido of RES Photography, based in Louisville, CO, launched the Wise Women Project. The Wise Women Project spotlights women over 50 in our community. “I believe women over 50 receive a negative rap in our culture, but women that have crossed that milestone are rich in creative energy and have a lot to say. How do we get people to see them and listen to their vibrant voices? The work I do focuses on the intrinsic beauty inside these women, not their physicality.”

            Salcido is a writer and photographer who launched Our Stories Today, a blog that shares stories about life after 50. Our Stories Today was launched in 2019, on Salcido’s 60th birthday, to celebrate a new chapter in her life. “Honestly, I was selfish in my intent. I was tired of seeing aging women represented inaccurately or ignored altogether by the media. I knew my aging was not a problem to be solved and suspected other women felt the same way. I wanted to find and connect with that community.”

            The impetus behind these endeavors initially came from frustration and dismay about media messaging and the lack of information about the female menopausal body, but Salcido saw this disconnect as an opportunity. She decided to explore the subject of women over 50 with the goal of sharing the stories of ordinary women whose words and work might provide inspiration to other women who might feel alone.

            Most of the women represented on the Our Stories Today and RES Photography websites are Boulder County artists and professional women. Salcido shares their stories and portraits on social media (Instagram: @womenwordswisdom) and through the Our Stories Today newsletter, spotlighting the gifts these women share with their community.

            With the Wise Women Project Salcido provides unique portrait sessions and a written interview for women to respond to. Participants receive digital images to use on their personal and business websites, social media, and to print at a significant discount. In return, their work is highlighted on Our Stories Today and RES Photography. Salcido charges a discounted fee for this portrait work and exposes participants and their work to a broader audience of potential clients.

            Women over 50 make important contributions to the Boulder community and beyond. Salcido is hopeful this project will shine a light on these contributions, encourage financial support of the arts, and open the eyes of businesses everywhere to view this demographic in a more significant and positive light. She believes the Wise Women Project will begin to change the narrative of how the world at large views women and aging.

            In response to recent requests, Salcido will also launch the Magnificent Men project for men over 50. This project begins in the Fall of 2021 and will have a similar structure featuring men and their interviews on the RES Photography website.

            Women or men who would like to participate are encouraged to reach out to Salcido at robin@resphotography.com or via the Wise Women Project link. Readers over 50 who identify as women are also invited to join the Our Stories Today newsletter to continue to explore the inspiring stories of women over 50 in our community.

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