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Boulder’s Wild Side Gets to Play at DV8 Distillery’s Kink Series | Press Release


Editor’s Note: Press Releases are provided to Yellow Scene. In an effort to keep our community informed, we publish some press releases in whole.

Boulder’s Wild Side Gets to Play at DV8 Distillery’s Kink Series

Let your dark side shine at the brand new DV8 Kink Series, bringing nights of deviant revelry and kinky delights & samplings to Boulder’s subculture.

Boulder, despite being a hub for creative culture, progressive thinking, and self-expression, hasn’t seen a space for the kink or BDSM to consistently gather, most kinksters heading to Denver to meet community needs. That’s why the team at DV8 Distillery, together with Crista Reid of Permission Productions and Mike Lato of The Zookeepers Entertainment, wanted to create something new.  Introducing the DV8 Kink Series, a new concept dance party hosted at DV8 Distillery, which just celebrated their eight year anniversary of producing high-quality craft vodka.

Each party in the DV8 Kink Series is designed to welcome in all the most unique and diverse folks of Boulder to explore kinky play, learn about consent, and celebrate in deviant revelry.  The next party will be the holiday themed “Knotty or Nice,” coming up on December 18th.

Guests are asked to read and understand a code of conduct before attending Kink Series events, and receive a walk through of consent information at the door.  Inside, they can plan to enjoy Kinky Tasting Booths led by experts in the local kink community while sipping your craft cocktail, and get down to curated beats on the dance floor.

DV8 Spirits, Boulder’s only queer bar, fosters safer space for self-expression, letting your flag fly, stepping to a truer version of yourself, and sharing community with like-minded folks.

Knotty or Nice Event Information:

Event Date

Saturday, December 18, 2021
8:00pm – 2:00am
Happy Hour from 8pm – 9pm ($2 off cocktails)


DV8 Distillery
2480 49th St, Unit E,
Boulder, CO 80301

TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dv8-kink-series-knotty-or-nice-tickets-206094934497

$25 General Admission,  $30 at the door


Whether you’ve been good or bad this year, there will be so much to enjoy at Knotty or Nice, a holiday kink tasting experience and DJ dance party.  We’ve got all the kinky cheer waiting for you.  So, unwind your rope, polish your leather, and don’t forget to leave some cookies out for your Domme;  Knotty or Nice is coming to town.

This is a genuine kink tasting event, with DJ dancing and craft cocktails.  All kink is kept within the booths run by kink community professionals.  We do not have space for our guests to be creating their own scenes at this event.

DV8 Spirits fosters safer space for self-expression, letting your flag fly, and stepping to a truer version of yourself, and share community with like-minded folks.

KINKY TASTING BOOTHS (open until 1am)

Shibari Rope Tying

Spankings and Candy Canings

Santa’s Claws

Naughty Wishlist Confessional

Mistletoe Kissing





Groove where it feels good to you. Get down with your friends on the outdoor dance floor, and mask up inside for kinky enjoyment.


Dress in your favorite sexy party attire. Think sensual, sumptuous, and celebational.  This is your chance to lace up that corset, dust off that leather number, and pull on some shaping straps or fishnets. Please keep your naughty bits covered during this party.  Booty cheeks are welcome to peek out.  We request that people of all genders wear nipple coverings if choosing to go shirtless.  There is a self-serve coat rack at the door if you wish to store your belongings.


-Anyone who chooses to be indoors will be required to wear a mask while standing. We are currently operating based on local mandates and best practices at other venues. Details about vaccination and testing may evolve as the event date approaches.

-COVID communication and consent tips will be posted around the party. Let’s empower each other to feel safer together.

-Disposable masks will be available at the door.

-This space is well ventilated and indoor/outdoor. Dance floor is outside.

– This is an accessible event space.  Email us at permissionproductionsllc@gmail.com so we can best support your needs!



Permission Productions



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