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Think Green, Act Green… For Your Life™ | Health



Green typically symbolizes nature, growth, harmony, wealth, and stability. In today’s world we all can be healthier and happier if we pick one of each of these things and build upon it in some way. We can leave our earth later knowing we tried to do something to make the world a better place. 

Often, I see people rush to get the closest spot to the front door of the gym, or I see clients who want to lose weight hire someone to drive over to mow the lawn. Riding a bike to a gym or mowing your own lawn are two simple things that can reduce carbon by putting fewer vehicles on the road. On average, riding a bike for a commute or doing your own yard work can improve your health. I know everyone has different circumstances and I respect that. I also think it is worth taking this spring to refresh, regrow, and revitalize your lawn and your life to make it greener.

Here are some simple tips to help build more green (and health) into your lifestyle. 

  • Use a reusable water bottle and drink at least 8 servings of 8 ounces a day.
  • Ride your bike whenever you can instead of taking the car – consider an E-Bike.
  • Make a smoothie with kale, spinach, or frozen green veggies; a natural way to boost your health.
  • Have fun with your food and eat green food with every meal for 1 week.
  • Think about switching to an electric battery-powered lawn mower.
  • Remember to open your windows to cool the house instead of using AC.
  • Consider alternatives to eating meat; science shows it reduces carbon emissions.
  • Eating more green veggies can improve your calcium and vitamin D absorption naturally.
  • Use organic fertilizer as you feed your garden or lawn, less nitrogen in our waterways.
  • Switch to an electric leaf blower or lawn vacuum for spring clean-up.

Every small change today can increase health, build wealth, and stability for our future, and keep growth, harmony, and nature in mind for tomorrow. Green isn’t just a fad. It has been here for years, it will help the future for our children, it will make it easier to breathe. Let’s work together to take small steps that will lead to larger leaps. Where else can you add more green to your life?

Gary Gianetti has an M.S. in Allied Health and holds certifications in health, fitness, and exercise sciences. When he’s not coaching, he enjoys outdoor adventures on foot, rock, wheels, and in the air with his little ones and his wife. He is the founder of Healthy Altitudes…For Your Life™.

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