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Louisville City Councilor Maxine Most Fights Back Against Ward 2 Recall

Louisville City Councilor Maxine Most Fights Back Against Ward 2 Recall


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Louisville, CO — The small group of residents supporting a recall claiming Louisville Ward 2 Council Member Maxine Most did not adequately support or advocate for Marshall Fire victims now say Most’s voting record is the real reason behind their actions.

A business leader who has worked for decades in the tech industry, Most strongly refutes claims that she is anti-business and not a collaborative member of the Louisville City Council.

“I stand behind a voting record that represents the priorities and values of the majority of our Louisville community,” says Most, who has voted unanimously with her fellow council members more than 90% of the time, including approving critical Business Assistance Program updates, a series of common-sense gun safety ordinances, a cap on the number of gas stations, and use tax rebates for those rebuilding from the Marshall Fire.

Most also championed regenerative agriculture on open space to sustainably address wildfire fuel mitigation in a community that values environmentally conscious approaches to land management but is still reeling from the Marshall Fire.

Like many in Boulder County, Most is a single parent who lives on a moderate income. In the past, she has had to rely on government assistance and community generosity to get by.

“I do my best to consider and represent those in our community that struggle, are marginalized, or don’t feel they have a voice, whether they are Marshall Fire victims, members of the LGBTQ+ community, seniors on fixed incomes, or young families looking for the first affordable home,” Most says.

Most believes her life experiences bring a needed perspective to the seven-member City Council. “We don’t always agree. However, the overwhelming majority of Council votes are unanimous.” Most states. “I’m proud to be a member of an extremely collaborative and collegial body.”

Most’s campaign believes the people of Louisville must send a clear message that recalls should be reserved to address egregious conduct – not policy disagreements. In the upcoming November 7 election, voters will decide five of Louisville’s seven Council seats.

“Forcing an expensive recall election, just five weeks before this scheduled election, is an unnecessary strain on the City’s financial and human resources,” Most says.

Most looks forward to finishing the last two years of her four-year term. As a 27-year resident of Colorado (the last 17 in Louisville), she understands how critical the balance between economic and environmental sustainability are to the future of our community and our state.

“I will continue to serve our community and solve problems for ALL the residents of Louisville.”

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