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yellow scene  magazine cover for March 2015
Superkids & Summer Camp Listings Issue

Kids Doing Super Things

As Meredith “Merry” Yacht approached her fifth birthday, she was diagnosed with cancer. She had been sick for a few months prior, but the doctors continually assured the family that is was nothing, that Merry was fine.A “But I could feel it even though I couldn’t see it in the mirror,” Merry said. Two weeks...


Kids Doing Super Things

These Superkids are going above and beyond to help service their communities.

A Tribute to Man’s Best Friend

First off, let’s set the record straight: pet owners in Boulder County aren’t labeled owners, but “guardians.”

How to Save a Superkid

You don't have to be a doctor to learn some basic techniques which could save a young life.


Victor/Victoria, Stupid F##cking Bird, Lindsey Saunders, Steel Pulse, Always Patsy Cline, Anjelah Johnson

We know all concerning upcoming events, check out what's going on in BoCo as picked by our editors.

Marijuana Concentrates

More recently, the smoking community has become split between those who smoke traditional, cured flower as we know it and those who enjoy the full flavored, highly potent concentrates.

Net Neutrality

Depending on which side of the aisle you find yourself seated, last month’s FCC ruling on Net Neutrality either came as a hard won triumph or a harbinger of doom.

Voices: A Choir of Blackbirds

Dominque Christina was voted “Best Poet” in our 2015 Best of the West celebrity poll last month. After reading this poem, you’ll know why.


10 Must-Have Spices for Every Kitchen: Rosemary

Whether you’re strictly a meat and potatoes person who shuns veggies -- except for tomatoes masquerading as salsa; yes, they exist -- or have no fear of diving into recipes from the French Laundry cookbook, every cook needs a foundation and knowledge of basic spices.

Nothing Subtle about Avery Brewing

If you want to turn a cute little goldfish into a carp-sized behemoth, dump it into a pond. Keeping the little guy in a bowling ball-size bowl will just frustrate him and stunt his growth.

The Next Step Up the Foodie Food Chain

If you’ve put together a delicious, organic garden, replete with heirloom veggies, funky varieties of fruits and berries and an assortment of herbs and spices, here’s a way to kick your home grown game into high gear. Chickens.

Cheat Sheet

BoCo Middle Schoolers Among Healthiest in State

Like a modern day Lewis and Clark, middle schoolers are setting their sights on uncharted territory. But rather than trekking across the nation on horseback, they are experimenting with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.


Slam Nuba’s Johnny Osi

We chatted with the newest Slammaster Johnny Osi about Slam Nuba and what it brings to Denver.

Ani DiFranco

The prototypical DIY-er in the music industry, Ani DiFranco launched her own Righteous Babe label back in 1990, thumbing her nose at a top-heavy music industry and blazing a trail legions followed.

Also in This Edition

If Sick, Exercise (Sometimes)

Just a few ways to think outside the box when it comes to getting better.

Community Corner

Voices: A Choir of Blackbirds

Dominque Christina was voted “Best Poet” in our 2015 Best of the West celebrity poll last month. After reading this poem, you’ll know why.