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yellow scene  magazine cover for March 2021
The SuperKids Issue

Yellow Scene Camp Directory 2021

Summer is around the corner and now is the best time to prepare. With the uncertainty of the pandemic lingering and hope on the horizon as more and more people are vaccinated, parents around the country are starting to wonder how and if summer camps will function this season. A study released by the CDC involving four...


Yellow Scene Camp Directory 2021

Yellow Scene prides itself on providing the most up to date and thorough directory in Boulder County, but we are still in a pandemic and the risks are very real.

Geeking Out: Old Bones Tell the Story of Colorado

Most Coloradans harbor a fond appreciation for the state’s mountain ranges and beautiful landscapes, but it can be awe-inspiring to recognize the area once supported a larger abundance of dinosaurs than anywhere else in the continental U.S.

Time to Bring Back Joy: Summer programs, families prepare for Summer Camps with COVID

I met Sarah Fils during a hike in Eldorado Canyon State Park. Her two young kids climbed on boulders and ran down the path, enjoying the sunshine. It made me wonder how young children have processed the pandemic. From masked faces to distanced friends, things have changed.


Scene Stealers | March 2021

You shouldn't be out in a pandemic, but if you are...

French’s 5 | March 2021

Did you know there are more than 100 “(inter)national days” in April? Here’s five you should definitely put on your calendar.

Whither is the GOP? | Duly Noted

Over the course of the last several years, we’ve watched the party of Lincoln abandon any pretense of honor.

Spotlight on Karl Christian Krumpholz

Karl Christian Krumpholz’s slice-of-life comic, 30 Miles Of Crazy, is the single most authoritative view of what Colfax Avenue has become over the last decade or so.


Off Menu with… Dani Cole | Shine

Dani Cole is the chef at Boulder’s Shine Community’s Restaurant and Potion Bar. Hailing from Michigan, Dani grew up cooking with her grandmother.

Kundali Kombucha & Boss Lady Pizza | #YSFoodie

This month's #YSFoodie looks at two epic spots doing vastly different things: Kundali Kombucha and Boss Lady Pizza.


How Much is on Your Plate?

The question is: How much is enough, what would you let go of to make room for something new in your life?

Month in Review

Month In Review | March 2021

All the news that's fit to print North of 104th

Community Corner

Thin Blue Line Co-Opted | Community Corner

For those who truly support police, the idea of overthrowing a government that is abiding by the Constitution in conducting a free and fair election sounds more like treason than patriotism. The role of law enforcement is not one that is partisan.


A Superman for Today: Samuel Ronquillo v Immigration | The ACTIONISTS Series

The genius of Superman, it could be said, is the immigrant story it encapsulates. Driven from a distant homeland that has collapsed, literally imploding, flung by loving parents across the universe for safety, arriving in America alone. It echoes our history on purpose. The immigration history of America is the same story, at once the story of the floodgates of liberty flying open and the...