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Editor’s Picks


Safer Than Watching Teletubbies
The winter days can get pretty long when school’s out and you can only handle watching that same episode of “Teletubbies” one more time before you start jabbing knitting needles into your eye. Why not save your sanity, grab the kids and head for the WOW Children’s Museum. Check out “Egypt: Mystery and Puzzles,” a hands-on tour through ancient African culture. Through Jan. 31, World of Wonder Children’s Museum, Lafayette. $7 kids/adults free. 303.604.2424.

For Those Who Missed The Reunion
That The Police’s reunion marched through the country rocking all of their most beloved classic hits without imploding was quite a feat. It was great. But if you didn’t score tickets, check out a totally awesome tribute band Message in a Bottle. It’ll help you feel like you didn’t miss out. 7:30 p.m., Jan. 5, Nissi’s, Lafayette. $10. 303.665.2757.

A Hit Off Broadway
The story of the early-rock male quartet who died in a fiery bus crash and get a second chance to come back for one more performance turned “Forever Plaid” from an off-Broadway hit into an international sensation. Catch the Jester’s Dinner Theater revival of the light-hearted musical romp through the ’50s and ’60s. Through Feb. 10, Jesters Dinner Theatre, Longmont. $30. 303.682.9980.

Alive With Jazz And Soul
Denver-based jazz saxophonist Laura Newman has carved a niche the last couple of decades. From long stints at El Chapultepec to her eventual purchase of Herb’s in LoDo, the “hardest working woman” on the Front Range has also led her band into being one of the best in the area. Alive On Arrival is a boogie-centric band that can handle straight ahead jazz as easily as ’70s soul, without missing a beat. 9:30 p.m., Dec. 21, Eagle Grill, Longmont. 303.772.2555.

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