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Erie Could Have Healthier Teeth


It’s a scientific fact that Boulderites have whiter teeth than Erie residents. The Yellow Scene has conducted countless studies and taken copious notes regarding the dental hygiene of people from both cities to come to this conclusion (we know we’re full of it, just play along). For years, Boulder, just like virtually every other community in Colorado, has used fluoride as an additive in city water.

Boulder used enough that it faced a shortage recently—the supply was buoyed by an extra shipment of fluoride around Thanksgiving. There’s actually a national shortage for the additive that prevents tooth decay, something that Erie may soon have to worry about. Erie trustees voted unanimously in November to ask voters during the town’s April municipal election whether to fluoridate the water supply. The ever-growing burg that sits in both Boulder and Weld counties is one of the only Front Range communities that doesn’t already add it to water. If this passes on April 1, we’ll be sure to update our extensive research on the health of our home city’s teeth.

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