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Cash In on Dem Bigwigs: Everything’s Sold Out


The cynic in us assumes that Colorado Republicans peeved that Denver is about to become the center of the Democratic Party’s presidential push are taking it out on deep-pocketed liberals.

The Democratic National Convention is still more than eight months from taking over Denver yet every hotel room within light-rail service of the Pepsi Center is booked. That means a secondary housing market has popped up. Locals (conservatives?) are offering their homes, apartments and condos for ridiculous prices.

A two-bedroom, one-bath Victorian within walking distance of downtown is going for $2,000 a week. A four-bed, four-bath north Denver abode is yours for $6,000 a week. These obnoxious prices aren’t limited to downtown: A home near Southlands (E-470 and Smoky Hill Road in Aurora) is being offered for $5,000 a week.

This is just a sampling of Craiglist offerings following Thanksgiving weekend. And as it gets closer to the late-August convention, we’re guessing those prices will sky rocket.

Ok, we admit that this strong showing of capitalism likely has little to do with conservatives sticking it to liberals. It’s just a handful of Denver homeowners (from both sides of the political spectrum) looking for someone else to fund their weeklong Costa Rican getaway. And you can’t really blame them, especially if someone really cool like Barack or Hillary decided to rent the house.

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