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February Letters to the Editor



A Few Scared By the Green Glow
Dear Editor,
Thank you Jim for your well thought out editorial on the proposed uranium mine in northern Colorado (“The Green Glow of Uranium,” December 2007). Good facts, nice approach—I’ll watch for your editorials from now on. This topic could make an investigative reporter famous!
—Linda Turner, Cyberspace

Dear Editor,
Very nice job. Thank you for creating more awareness of the issues that we all have with this proposed uranium mine.
—Robin Davis, Wellington

Keep The Giving Going, Folks
Dear Editor,
Just wanted to let you know that I received a phone call from a local flooring business. They saw our ad that you so beautifully created and the article that Jacob wrote so convincingly (“Green Giving,” Gift Guide) in the Yellow Scene Magazine and called us wanting to donate flooring for the units we are currently building. WOW! What a great impact your magazine has had.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
—Jan Hawley, Flatirons Habitat For Humanity

Editor’s Note: You’re welcome. You’re welcome. You’re welcome.

Bull Dogs Make A Bad Gift
Dear Editor,
I was very dismayed to find among your “gift ideas” an English bulldog from a local pet shop (“Retailer’s Picks,” Gift Guide). I would have guessed your magazine to be a little more forward thinking, so either the almighty dollar spoke more loudly than common sense or you really don’t know why giving pet shop pets for Christmas (or any other time for that matter) is a lousy idea. If the latter is the case, please feel free to get back to me, and I’ll send along an extensive list of reasons. You might also take a look at tinyurl.com/b5bw3. And just in case the issue comes up, please don’t tell me these dogs are reputable breeders. I have done enough dog rescue over the years to know better. Generally, I have enjoyed looking through the Yellow Scene Magazine, but this really puts me off.
—Liz Durfee, Longmont

Darn it, We Should’ve Thought Twice About That Cover Blurb
Thanks so much for the work you put into the Yellow Scene Magazine. Because my son frequently gets the mail for me, I was astonished to see the word “damn” on the front cover (“One Damn Fine Burger in Louisville,” December 2007), however. I understand the context, but it also counteracts my efforts to monitor what goes in my child’s head. I would sincerely appreciate not putting those words on your cover.
—Tawny Williams, Cyberspace

Editor’s Note: We should’ve thought twice about including that word on the cover, but the burger at Waterloo just got us too excited.

Not Too Much Of A Fan These Days
Dear Editor,
You all are slipping, and getting more cynical. Slipping: you have a listing for Garibaldi’s restaurant in Longmont, which has been closed for about a year (“7 Days Calendar,” December). Cynical: Well, cynical. It used to be more fun to read the Yellow Scene Magazine, and now it isn’t. Also, it seems noses are getting higher in the air.
Just my comments.
—Ross McIntosh, Boulder

Editor’s Note: We’ve asked for more specifics on his critiques—until then, we’ll be busy walking down Briggs Street in Erie with our noses sky high, that is once we correct the calendar.

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