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Of Mice and Men
George’s dreams aren’t unique or unreasonable. He just wants a piece of land to call his own, to tend and ranch and make a modest living. Lennie’s dreams are even simpler. He just wants there to be rabbits on the ranch, so he can pet them. Lennie’s a big man, slow-witted and prone to unintentionally harming others simply because of his size and mental limitations. Of Mice and Men, published in 1937, was author John Steinbeck’s Nobel Prize winning novella, challenging convention and finding itself on banned book lists across the globe. Award-winning director Terry Dodd takes a stab at retelling the story on stage. Through March 9 at the Arvada Center for the Arts, Arvada. 720.898.7200.


Stones In His Pockets
Charlie and Jake are going to be in a movie. Granted, they’re only extras, but it’s an exciting endeavor, nonetheless, especially because it’s a big-budget American movie. Too bad the Americans’ idea of what life is like in County Kerry, Ireland, isn’t very realistic at all. Stones in His Pockets tells the story of Charlie and Jake’s chance meeting, and their efforts to put aside fretting about their futures while working on this movie. Wade P. Wood directs this challenging two-man show originally written by Marie Jones. The play enjoys its regional debut. Feb. 22-March 29, Denver Victorian Playhouse, Denver, 303.433.4343


Much Ado About Nothing
Hero and Claudio are in love, and they’re gonna get hitched. Beatrice and Benedick are in love, too. But they’re convinced they hate each other, kind of like Sam and Diane, back in the day—with less beer and no one named Woody. Anyway, the juxtaposition of the two sets of lovers has long been considered one of Shakespeare’s most classic romantic comedies, and Much Ado About Nothing has seen the stage in myriad ages, settings, periods and languages. Now, the Upstart Crow Theatre Company is taking its turn, with John Kuder Bell directing. Feb. 22-March 8, Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder. 303.442.1415

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