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March Letters to the Editor



You Guys Sure Are Hungry
Editor’s Note: The following letters are just some of the seemingly endless responses we received to February’s Food Issue, “25 Dishes We Love!”

Dear Editor,
I felt vindicated when your menu item at Lucille’s was the Farmers Eggs. I’ve been addicted for years! Thanks much.
—Dawna Swenson, Via cyberspace

Dear Editor,
I love the latest food issue. This one is a keeper as we are always wondering where to go in our area instead of having to battle traffic into Downtown Denver. Thanks for the great suggestions.
—Heather Alderman, Frederick

Dear Editor,
I was surprised when I didn’t see Nissi’s included in your issue on restaurants in this area. They have the best small plates around and were voted as the best restaurant in East Boulder County by the Daily Camera.
—T. Taylor, Boulder

Dear Editor,
You know in your article on the 25 greatest foods I was particularly impressed that a lot of your selections were healthy and/or vegetarian. Often, when people think of “fancy, great food,” they think of things like thick steaks or lobsters or duck. Your selections were really wise and representative of the readers!
—Karen Gruber, Boulder

Drinking Doesn’t Make You Feel Better
Dear Editor,
I have a problem with the fact that the advice given to those who are “Single, and Freakin’ Proud” (“There’s No Sulking on Valentine’s,” February), for both sexes, included a heavy dose of drinking for each person involved. Though you present a responsible approach regarding driving home, what is the message to the single and proud, that they should be drinking themselves silly to forget that they are single? Why does alcohol have any part to play? In addition to the other things listed, there are plenty of enjoyable things that could have been suggested without “getting blitzed.”
—Toni Kusler, Longmont

Need Some Help In The Field?
Dear Awesome Yellow Scene,
I loved the focus you gave to some great businesses at 95th & Arapahoe (“Neighborhoods,” February). I am only sorry that 95th Street Salon, Kangaroo Kingdom and the pure joy of Crawdaddy’s Toys didn’t get in there along with Deli Zone (a big favorite of my family). And we all adored the focus on the best dishes in North Metro—just wish we could have joined you in “field research.”
—Kristina Leonard, Erie

Editor’s Note: You’re not the first to want to tag along. It sure was fun (and fattening).

A Painful Reminder: We’re Not Perfect
Dear Editor,
I noticed a couple of glaring errors in the February issue. …The worst being in a calendar header: “Feburary Calendar.” That’s really bad! Bad grammar notwithstanding, I do enjoy the magazine!
—Maralyn Mencarini, Broomfield

Editor’s Note: Ouch, two months in a row we’ve goofed in the Calendar section—we’ll promise once again to be more careful.

Two members of the editorial team have successfully brought an outside bottle of wine into a Colorado restaurant and paid a small cork fee to be able to drink it at our table. It turns out, our servers looked the other way and that’s not legal in the Centennial State, so ignore our recommendation to try to do so at Praha in Longmont (“Our 25 Favorite Dishes,” February).

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