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That’s Why They Call it Dope


A Longmont man gave local potheads a bad name recently after cops busted him for growing weed—and for killing his wife’s cat. Authorities found Bootsie’s bullet-ridden body near a pond. Evidence suggested the calico mix was murdered inside the wife’s home. Cops contend Paul John Vickers sought vengeance against his wife by offing the cat. He reportedly boasted about the hit in a graphic email. The email was sent to lawmen, who visited the home and spotted marijuana along with a strange light coming from a closed area of the house. Can you say “probable cause?” A more detailed look-see of the home turned up an alleged grow operation. Authorities confiscated plants, several seedlings and more than four pounds of weed.

Judging by the haze over the University of Colorado, 4/20 ceremonies weren’t affected.

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