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Editor’s Picks


Big Juicy Peaches
Did you know that despite the fact that its botanical name suggests it’s from Persia (it’s derived from the Latin Persicum Malum, which means Persian apple), the peach actually originated in China? Or that it’s a cousin to the almond? Or that it made its way to the Americas courtesy of the Spaniards, who brought it here in the 16th century? Neither did we, until we spent time on Wikipedia in preparation for the Lafayette Peach Festival. Arts and crafts, antiques, activities, music and millions of peaches, peaches for me (sorry, couldn’t resist) will be on hand for this family-friendly good time.
[9 a.m.-4 p.m. Aug. 16, Old Town Lafayette]

Swinging Gypsies
The term “Gypsy” sprang from the root Egyptian, even though as a people, their roots are Romani, who actually trace their lineage back to India. But because they shared the darker skin, the always astute Europeans saddled them with the Gypsy moniker. What any of this has to do with swing music is beyond us. Check out the Longmont Swing Festival and Gypsy Rendezvous. [Noon, Aug. 16, Roosevelt Park Pavilion, Longmont]

Couch Potatoes
A couple years ago, at a bar on East Colfax in Denver, our intrepid Entertainment Editor ran the table at a heated game of “Name that TV Show theme.” It was uncanny. His knowledge of TV show themes was so impressive that he almost doubled the score of the next nearest competitor. We’re betting he’d do pretty well in this one, too, as Denny Flannigan brings his version of the popular game show to Nissi’s. [7:30 p.m., Aug. 14 Nissi’s, Lafayette, $5, 303.665.2757]

Hog Wild
If you’ve ever been on a motorcycle (or even a decent scooter, for that matter), you’d likely agree that there’s little else that offers such a powerful sensation. The rumble of the engine, the unfettered connection to the world around you and, yes, the speed, are akin to flight. Connect to the history of this passion at the Arvada Center with its Summer of Cycles: Motorcycles from the Harry Matthews and Jim Dillard Collections. From the 1958 Cushman Eagle to the stunning ’78 Laverda Jota 1000, the collection will astound. [Through Sept. 7, Arvada Center, Arvada]

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