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Party On, CU


For the last few years, University of Colorado officials have been extremely happy with the Princeton Review, because the annual list didn’t include the Buffs among the top party schools in the nation. After years of being associated with beer kegs and bongs, there were no complaints from administrators when CU dropped off the Review’s party radar a few years back. That relief was short lived, as a bevy of students apparently enjoying drinking and getting high, and creating a carbon footprint by taking looping trips to the Taco Bell drive thru. The school is back on the list comfortably at No. 13 (The school ranked No. 1 in 2003.) Perhaps the partying had something to do with losing Ward Churchill. Regardless, CU students have resumed drinking more heavily and smoking even more grass. To boot, the anticipated release of Princeton Review’s first eco rankings left CU with a score of 88, far from Go Green elite status. We believe they call this a slump.

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