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September Letters to the Editor


Designer Idiot
“Designer dogs” are nothing more than mutts—they’re a mixed breed, perpetuated by puppy mills and backyard breeders. Hundreds of these so-called designer dogs (mutts) can be found in shelters and have their lives saved instead of purchased for upwards of $1,000! These dogs are bred by irresponsible breeders who do no health testing on the parents and are not breeding to better a purebred line of dogs. …I will never read your magazine—this is a HORRIBLE article to write. Please educate yourself before you write a pile of crap like this again.
—Lesley Nelin, via email

Editor’s Note: Check here for an explanation on this one.

Side of Bush Not Appreciated
After reviewing your latest issue of Yellow Scene, I must comment on your completely inappropriate restaurant review commentary (“Corporate Success,” August). In addition, I plan to let the restaurant owners know that the review so offended me I intend never to dine there. I really don’t know what relevance the author had with commenting on how s/he and guest made fun of George Bush in between entrées. We all get it, a lot of people don’t like President Bush, however, he is the president of the U.S. by majority vote for eight years, and he deserves respect. Furthermore, I find these types of catty Liberal attacks embarrassing for the entire Democratic Party. I can’t say I agree fully with either party, but the inappropriate means to constantly discredit President Bush are outrageous. Particularly when comments show up in places, such as a restaurant review, where they clearly don’t belong. You should be ashamed of yourself for allowing such a lame rant to be included in what might have been an informative, well-rounded review.
—Alan Greene, via email

Editor’s Note: Roger that. We’ll keep the politics out of our food discussion.

Can’t He Just Run For President?
After reading all about the DNC and Mr. Obama in your August issue (and elsewhere), I found myself upset by the statement of him potentially being the “First Black President” of the United States. I consider myself patriotic and protective of my country. I found that “black” comment of Mr. Obama to be racist. …We are supposed to be a country with American people, with a rich background and diverse cultures to make us a strong and proud nation! Is Mr. Obama trying to divide us with a statement like that? Did the other presidents in our wondrous 200-plus-year history walk up to the podium and state inflammatory things of that nature? (“I’m the first fat president,” “I’m the first white president,” “I’m the first president to come from poor family in a log cabin,” and so on.) …Let’s get a Democrat in office that has their priorities straight…and not the “Oh, I’m a poor black guy vote for me” crap. Great, now who do I vote for?
—Dan, Firestone

Falling in Love With Your Stories
I’m a huge fan of the Denver Roller Dolls and a big supporter of local women doing great things. I haven’t fallen in love with a magazine article (“Moon Yang’s Alter Ego,” August) like the roller doll feature in a long time. Thank you so much.
—Brit Horvat, Denver

Editor’s Note: We loved the Roller Dolls story a bunch, too. It’s always nice to lure new readers by writing about tough as nails women.

DOH! Corrections:
Our nightlife writer may have had a little too much fun at Dillinger’s in Lafayette (“Surrounded by Entertainment,” August). He mistook someone messing around on the stage as live music on a Tuesday—bands play on Fridays only.

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