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Locally Incorrect


Tell Us Something We Don’t Know
We didn’t need Forbes Magazine to tell us something that pretty much every Boulderite will freely admit—Boulder is the smartest town in the country. Where else can you get your espresso served to you by an MBA or your meals brought to you by a Ph.D.? Not too mention, it’s hard to walk very far without bumping into a professor or well-employed technology professional. Forbes based its findings on the proportion of people older than 25 with bachelor’s, master’s, professional and doctoral degrees. Fort Collins came in at No. 10. Ann Arbor, Mich., Washington, D.C., San Jose, Calif., and San Francisco rounded the list’s top 5. If you think ignorance is sexy, Lake Havasu, Ariz., where you can find many CU students during spring break, is the country’s least educated city. We’re hoping the CU students have nothing to do with that ranking.

Welcher Gone Wild

We’re wondering if Sean S. Ahn’s mother ever taught him a lesson about gambling more than he could afford. Betting not. The Superior poker player is under the gun for allegedly skipping out on his bets, according to a lawsuit filed in Boulder. Ahn reportedly lost $29,000 during a friendly night of cards with some chums (what friends don’t bet thousands of dollars on poker night?). When it came time to pay, Ahn claimed to be short of cash and offered to settle the debt by with a few checks. The checks bounced, according to a lawsuit filed by the card game’s host. Following the rules of Omerta, Ahn has refused comment. No word as to whether he’s joined the witness protection program, cancelled his phone or sleeps with the fishes.

[Poor taste]
This Will Haunt

If karma is real, then someone is gong to be reincarnated as a cow dung for decapitating a 1,000-pound-Buddah statue. Originally from Bali and valued at $4,000, the statue stood outside the Indochine store in Boulder. The store’s owner, Hugo Brooks, said the suspect, or suspects, wanted to take the entire figure, but could only get away with the head. “It was really heartbreaking,” Brooks, who has operated the shop for 13 years, told the local newspaper. “It’s a symbol of unity and peace and generosity. What this person did is equivalent to taking the head off a statue of Jesus. Not only is it bad karma, but  it’s also a perverted idea to steal it. It’s like stealing a cross from a church.”

Delusional Politician

Marilyn Musgrave is a sore loser. She’s many other things, too, but we’ll hold off on other rants for now. The soon-to-be former congresswoman representing a large swath of northern and eastern Colorado never made the obligatory congratulatory call to Democrat Betsy Markey who ousted her in a heated race for the Fourth Congressional District. She’s remained mum on almost all aspects of the loss, except for a recorded robo-call to help boost Georgia Sen. Saxby Chabliss in a runoff election last month. In the message, she blamed her lost on “leftist special interests” that “smothered the truth with vicious attacks and lies.” Yeah, that and a horrible congressional track record and a history of leaning so far right, she made George W. look like a liberal. Thankfully, the voters in this increasingly moderate district finally grew tired of Musgrave, who had already been named to Rolling Stone’s list of 10 worst congressional leaders in 2006.

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